highly in like

*press play then begin reading*

My dearest Matina, (for when you are older)

So there was this guy back in high school.  He asked me if there was any song that reminded me of him and I said yes, that it was this Stevie Wonder song entitled Superwoman and he said, but that just might be a song that will remind me of you.  And I said that’s possible.

While that may sound like a romantic conversation, it wasn’t.   I just knew immediately that he was to be a cool cool addition to my roster of friends of the hall-of-fame kind.

Yes, my beloved niece, boys don’t always have to be boyfriends to be special.  Some of them get elevated to the high-level friend zone.  They’re crucial.  A guy friend will pull you through rough stretches of not understanding things or guys you kiss.  And no, you don’t have to kiss them all.  Unless you want to, of course.  (ok, maybe not all)

This one’s for the guy who told me he also liked Stevie back in the day, then ten years later admits to his wife (when we all met up for dinner) that I introduced him to Stevie and that he just said he liked Stevie because I might judge him.  (he was right)   Then his wife thanks me because Overjoyed by Stevie became ‘their song.’

A little less and then a lot more than a lover, definitely beyond a fling, a little different from a girl friend, free-er than a brother.  Ah the romance of a platonic guy-girl friendship.  Nothing like it.

I wish you many, my dear Matina.


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One response to “highly in like

  • Debbie Nakpil-Rodrigo

    I have just that kind of friend. And well, you know, you just happen to know him. (We’ve all had dinner and drinks together. So that narrows it down a bit.) Right before he got married, he would introduce me as his “oldest friend”. And I would glare and say, “not literally, of course.” 🙂 Our music would have to be Acoustic Alchemy.

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