all of them true


I have a story! You won’t believe this but it’s true. There was toddler who made it big in the noontime show, a little girl beauty pageant or something. She grew up and found her literal voice, took on the guitar and mastered song writing. Honed her voice and all this time knowing that she falls in love with women. Not men. In a space that constantly judges the unusual, she went her way and said this is who I am. My pronouns are masculine. My sensibilities are male.

She re-met an old flame through the seemingly flippant space that is Twitter. Optimized technology and kept the conversation going. Met up with the girl, now a woman, on a certain January 8- had coffee and laughed and laughed and laughed. Took all the work, found the resources to go and make his lady move back here with ease, embraced his lady’s little girl as his own. Made peace with the lady’s family. Asked for hand in marriage. Never lost focus. Assured his lady that there is no room for hesitation in this sureness he felt for her. There is no space for doubt. And he did this everyday. Made her know that she was the most beautiful living creature he has ever been with. He has ever had the privilege to hold. He held her and never and I mean never let her go.

They got married two days ago. In a forest in California. Trees bearing witness to their yesses. They are yessser by the day. I am so honored to have witnessed this coming together. They were like stars (yes we use that cliché) that collided at the perfect sky time. To find that someone. To have no death. To live forever. So many clichés around Aiza Seguerra & Liza Diño ~ all of them true.

On January 8, 2015 I will stand as literal witness to their vows. How strange for us, statistically normal folks, to realize that in the face of something this big- something as crucial as physical gender can be irrelevant.

They make me – super statistically normal me – believe in the possible, in the real, in the actual fact that we can feel immortal.

Aiza and Liza, you are magic up close.

With awe and affection,
Ninang Gang

Photo by Liza’s sister. Her copyright 2014


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