The X.OSY Award: Its Time Has Come


THE X.OSY AWARD: Its Time Has Come

Rock Ed Philippines is proud to announce that it will confer ten awards to former Out-of-School-Youths. Ten Outstanding X.OSY’s who did not have the chance to finish a college degree but took either a vocational or technical course and found livelihood.

The trophy is the work of artist Ovvian Castrillo-Hill, she created the flame form recycled from scraps of brass found in her and her father’s (Ed Castrillo) studio. It is 18″ high with the wooden base. Ms. Castrillo says the concept is “of the inner element, defiant of the outer form- carving its own path, creating a new direction.”

Some of our awardees were nominated by the Dep Ed based on the ‘Abot Alam’ program that reaches out to those who are out of school in barangays, a few from TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Devt Authority) programs, and one from Rock Ed’s Prison Alternative Education Program called ‘Rock the Rehas.’ All the awardees were faced with tremendous obstacles but none of them stopped learning, searching, and developing themselves despite. This is an award whose time has come. To recognize those who defy the resignation that usually comes with their dismal circumstances. They come out with their spirits solid.

In this light, we want to ask for your help to collect prizes for them. We will confer the XOSY Award (pronounced “saucy”) this Sunday Dec 7, 2014 at the Shaw Blvd Metro Rail Transit Station at 3pm. It will be during and within Rock Ed’s Human Rights gig/gathering (Rock the Riles) because the right to learn is a basic human right we embrace fiercely.

We acknowledge the role of the Dep Ed & TESDA in ending the pessimism that comes with having no formal diploma. Rock Ed created the XOSY Award to tell all Filipinos that while formal education is valuable, it is not the only option to have a progressive, self-sufficient, economically sound life.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinong may diskarte para sa mabuti! Inyo ‘to.

-Gang Badoy
Founder, Rock Ed Philippines

To donate prizes (cash, gift certificates, anything at all, for as long as it’s ten of each) PLEASE message: or PM me.


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