new air


Dear Niece,

Listen to fights, listen to what the universe is shaking off from you when fights happen, know when it still begs for fixing, and for when there is no more repair. We are so used to fixing and fixing and fixing thinking this is the right thing to do, but sometimes the universe will make it so clear, “dili kitâ bagay sa iba nga tao,” at hindi mo dapat pilitin sarili mong makibagay. Sayang lakas, sayang bait. Okey lang mabawasan ng tao sa buhay. Maski loved one. Maski yung inakala mong ‘great love’ nimo. Ang imo nga great love, ay ikaw! Pag great love mo sarili mo, you will choose the best guy, the best lover, the kindest friends, sort out the abrasive- even from your family, weed out those who insult your soul. (Ika nga ni Walt Whitman)

And once they’re gone, it will be lonely at the start. You will think your world is empty even. BUT as long as hindi mo ego yung pinakikinggan mo- (minsan kasi ego will say “I must fix it! They must stay! They must love me! They must still like me!”) — you will see the difference as clear as daylight. How light your life will be. How things will slowly be solidly beautifully built around you because there are no longer people who constantly albeit inadvertently knock things down. Sometimes they don’t mean to, they’re just too big for the dainty china in your soul closet. They are not bad people, and neither are you- hindi lang kayo bagay. Take it and walk away. It isn’t a loss, it’s just a clearing.

Sarap niyan! Breathe in the new air. Yum. And proceed with life. They will, too, without you, and it will be okay.

Love, Tita Gang 🙂


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