when Manila is cold


“I wanted to be with you alone, and talk about the weather.”
– Tears for Fears

That sharp nip in the air! I like it. I kept wondering why the cold came late this year. While joking about rescheduling Christmas with one of my best friends who is a scientist, he automatically discussed the weather with me. And how! He said it’s not so much about the ‘absolute lowest temp recorded’ but more of the the night or day when the drastic drop in temperature happens. This drop must be steep enough to be noticeable by people and thus causing us to react. (Can you imagine the life analogies hidden in that? It’s not the lowest point, but the point when things start to change. Wow, somebody call Oprah. Hah!)

This morning, that same friend (Dr. CP David of the National Institute of Geological Sciences) sent me this graph. While discussing the data around this can take up a bit more time – the graph is too interesting not to share. (Please share!)

Talk science amongst friends this year! 2014 is for Science.

And schedule that puto bumbong night before this stretch ends. Manila weather lately demands butter melting on something lovely.

Now — help me with an article — tell me about the coldest day in Manila in your lifetime/memory.


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