for Maggie

for Maggie

Dear Maggie,

You’re about two months old by now and I wonder if by the time you’ll be capable of reading this – more so understand this – I wonder … if my advice will be passe? Maybe the world will be so different by then that this letter will sound absurd, old fashioned. How interesting! Let me write you anyway. 🙂

You were baptized today, darling- the 13th of Oct 2013, and I woke up early to be there. (I am rarely up early on Sundays.) While I am in the habit of wearing black, I wore white for you today. Just to make it apparent that you are special. The sun was out and the sky was unbelievably blue. Today is the one day in between two typhoons (Santi & Tino) – the skies cleared for you. Imagine that.

I wonder what your dreams are? What will you eventually like doing? Will you sing? Dance? Dancing is good, I dance when I can. I used to be so self-conscious about moving but sports helped me get over that. When you move and stretch your arms upward or sideward it’s your body saying “this is my space!” I am here. I see you like stretching now, that’s good! Claim your space, occupy it. Shrink away only when you want to or only to reverse a stretch – but never to be ‘smaller’ than you are. There is room for Maggie in the world. Especially in the Philippines. Speaking of the Philippines, dream for the Philippines, Maggie. It is yours!

Work, learn, stand up to bullies, protect animals, talk to your Dad, obey your Mom, laugh with your brother, often and always.

At least twice in your life be heartbroken- learn from that and there won’t be a third. The third will be forever. Your great love is yourself & there might be someone who will agree that Maggie is IT. And that one will say “Maggie is the great love.” You marry that one. If you so decide marriage is for you.

But before that – find out what it is you’re good at & work on it – love a craft, love a skill – love it with a love that defies inconvenience. Only then will you be good at it. Life can be trying, tragic even, boring if you’re lucky. Because boring is easy.

You will feel sadness some time – but you will battle it with a schedule, a prayer, good friends, and crying. Crying is good every now and then. It rinses debris from your soul. Whatever that means. It sounded good so I wrote it for you anyway.

Laugh out loud, Maggie. Be brave. Write me back when you can write na.


Ninang Gang


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