[ROCK] Supremo

[ROCK] Supremo

For the most part in life, as in dance – timing is everything.

The 150th birth anniversary of Filipino revolutionary Andres Bonifacio swings our way this year. As part of the string of celebrations marking his life, Ballet Philippines generously opened their doors to the musicians of Rock Ed Philippines for this collaboration – a creative venture that is now seemingly bigger than the sum of both institutions. Rock Ed volunteer artists worked separately and together to weave rock music into the loom and backdrop of this stunning theatre-dance creation.

Timing also helped both groups land on the doorstep of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and the National Commission on Culture and Arts. In turn, the academics of the Historical Commission decided to risk, guide, and allow the rock musicians and dancers to tell the story of this great Filipino. This is a collective attempt to reintroduce Andres Bonifacio – as tao (human) alongside his being a rebolusyonaryo.

Everyone involved in [ROCK] Supremo recognizes the tremendous value of constantly telling the story of our nation, and all those who helped defend and build it- [ROCK] Supremo is also a salute to those who continue to build the Philippines to this day. Gratis to the Cultural Center of the Philippines for cradling this mission.

The historian battles scepticism, the rock musician battles hoarseness, while the dancer exudes grace on blistered feet. All sacrifices in – we present to you [ROCK] Supremo.

Bonifacio Katipunero.
Bonifacio Filipino.
Andres. Tao.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

Ms. Gang Badoy
Founder, Rock Ed Philippines
Executive Producer, [ROCK] Supremo


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