4pm on a Sunday

I wasn’t here then. I was living elsewhere. I remember listening to this song in full blast while a friend cleaned his car and I was sitting on the road, facing the sidewalk, with a Coke can as a makeshift ash tray on the sidewalk so it served as my table. He had this song on loop as he talked about the girl he likes who doesn’t like him back, or maybe she did or does but he wasn’t trying anything, or something like that. I was half-listening because I was newly broken up at that time and it was just nice to be around a buddy who was alive and distracted and crushing on someone I knew. It must have been 4 in the afternoon on a Sunday. Just like right now, except over a dozen years ago. I like remembering these things. What (okay, Who) do you remember with this song?

14 July 2013
Manila, Philippines


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