waiting for Tuesday


It happened around dawn or close to dawn when the light was still hesitant. Music as usual was involved, of course, (how can it not be?)  and beer. Honesty was the main ingredient.

There is nothing more calming than having a chance to thank a friend for being… well… THERE (to begin with) – and ‘there’ in a certain way.  Sitting with you, not too far nor near.  Sakto lang.


I remember a few days before the murders, we were having dinner in my home. Just us kids from the radio show we had back then.  (Lourd, Erwin, him & me)  We all walked from the station to the building where I live.

I walked on the side walk, while he walked on the road. My hand every now and then resting, slightly pushing his shoulder to keep my balance.  Messenger bag slung over his shoulder, slowish, slouchy, walking with Alexis.

If I knew that was the last time we’d walk that curve, that curb, I’d have thanked him for many things, for everything. But who (ever really) knows when these abrupt cuts show up? Certainly not me.

He, however, thanked me the next morning.  “Thanks for dinner again, Gang, and most especially for the long talk after. See you on Tuesday.”


I suppose last weekend was as good a time as any to be reminded by someone sitting not too near – nor too far from me.  At dawn, no less. It doesn’t get gentler than that.


His birthday’s coming up.


Alexis Tioseco  (+)
11 Feb 1981 – 1 Sept 2009


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