Pop (pop!) went the reason –

(press play then read) 

I sang this out loud a lot when I was a kid. It was my LSS for a few years, I dare say. I was in 3rd grade and in love with a boy I saw at the airport. I have never written about this, I don’t think I have ever even shared this with a friend.

I was about 9 years old and my parents were traveling somewhere. I went with them to the airport and for some reason made it all the way to the boarding area. (it was the early 80s, the airports were a little less strict) And there I saw him.  He was with his family. He was in a dark blue sweater. He had sisters. I was just sitting there watching him. I don’t remember his face. I was looking at his shoes. Pro-Keds. I remember this because I had a similar pair.  He looked sad. (an early indication of a weak spot) We looked at each other and I smiled. He looked away. So did I. I never looked up until my Dad recognized his Dad and went over to say hello. I was so embarrassed about smiling at him, so I slinked out of the area. (you cheap girl, you!) Next thing I remember we were all being introduced to each other.  My brothers to his sisters and me to him. For the life of me, I am not sure why I didn’t re-ask his name. I asked him if he was going to Disneyland.  (I just wanted to ask if he’ll see Disneyland.) He said, they might LIVE near Disneyland.  I told him that was nice. He said he didn’t want to go, but they had to go. I asked why. He said, I think it’s because of Marcos. Aah I said. And as kids of the Philippine Martial Law years we usually assumed we knew what that meant. Their flight was called and we nod our goodbyes. I never saw him again. Walking out of the terminal with my older brothers, I was crying. My brother Jacob said, “They’ll be back.” I think he thought it was about my folks. So we drove to Dunkin Donuts, sat down there and wolfed down donuts.  I had two Boston Cremes and grape juice. (taste doth change)  And this song was playing over the radio.


My first heartbreak.

(Tell me about yours.)  

GTB/04 Oct 2012/ 547am/ Pasig

(While Rock Ed Radio is on sem-break from the airwaves, I’ll be joining a new project! Watch out for a love advice radio show over Radio Republic on Oct 15! It’ll be a love quarter, from now til the end of the year. I’ll be hosting it with Gabe Mercado, I think this’ll be FUN.)

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One response to “Pop (pop!) went the reason –

  • elmer

    Not about my first heartbreak, but this reminds me of those heartaches, when I was a kid, each time we drove our tatay to NAIA 1. The airport is a lonely place.

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