and subsequently bear in mind your transient position allows you a perspective that’s unique

(press play then read) 

I’m not sure why this song was on loop in my head all day. This version – even if Manhattan Transfer’s version is the one I’m more familiar with. (that version is gorgeous and clean, this one is dusty, solitary, it needs a bath.)

The tired and busy brain is a magical thing. It chooses its own OST, sometimes against my will. But the choice is almost always perfect. Such wizardry, this matter in my skull! It goes ahead and picks something out for me. Not unlike a jukebox after the coin. Something I needed badly, it turns out, on a day like this. Today was about practical stuff, it was about keeping my word, poetic something, I think it was on nation, wait, not exactly- it was personal, (same thing,)  it was losing sleep, pounding madly on the drums, being quiet on the ride there, it was social and alone, it was about a gentle recoil, it was dragging and swift, I suppose, it was alive. I liked today.

It’s been a while.

GTB/22 Sep 2012/ 135am/ Pasig

Listen to the song again, this time with the lyrics. 


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