Ray Ban makes it bearable.

It has finally hit me.  The age thing with the eyes thing.  (See? I can’t even say it.)

So lately my cell phone messages can only be read from an arm’s length away.   My sister warned me about this.  That when I get older my eyesight will decline.  I never believed her.  I always had good vision.  I could read signs from afar.  I can spot missing siblings in a crowd.  Coins on an asphalt road. My Mom’s earring under the restaurant table.  That was me.  I was the one with clear vision.

Alas.  I need glasses now.   I have to get used to it.  My friend put things in perspective.  (She’s worn glasses since 3rd grade.)  So I shall bear it with lightness as best I can.

Thank god the wayfarers are back – and yes, Ray Ban is not tied to sunglasses  – I didn’t even know that til my friend took me to meet the Ray Ban folks in their head office somewhere in Makati.

Ah hah.

Age isn’t so bad.  Sometimes.

Shallow,  I know.  But I needed to write this to tell my nieces – you will need glasses, too, someday!  That’s the way it goes, kids.  So max out your days in the sun with just your shades on.


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