Regarding Dreams

To my dear Nieces and Nephews:

About 7 years ago I had this BIG dream of producing a fully animated music video for our National Anthem.  I had no idea how that was going to happen.  Today – we launched it!  A partnership with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines plus friendships with devastatingly talented and (thankfully) patriotic artists- made it happen.  Sulit ang seven years.

So my advice? Make a list of your dreams.  Literally write them down.  Don’t throw the list away. Keep going back to it. The check marks on the items will happen in time if you keep your focus.   Pero managanip!  Libre ang panaginip.  Managinip para sa sarili at para sa Philippines.  Isama mo ang bansa sa mga plano mo.  [But dream! Dreams cost nothing. Dream for your self and for the Philippines. Incorporate the nation in your life plans.] Aah, I digress –

Anyway – my indescribable gratitude to:

 Arnold Arre (animation)
RadioActiveSago Project (music) : Francis De Veyra Lourd de Veyra Juan Miguel Lerma Jay Gapasin Arwin Nava Fards Tupas William King Ansano Roxy Modesto Goo Simpliciano)

Team Rock Ed: 
Jay Capati
Leslie Umaly
Mark Campillanes
Laya Diokno
Pepe Diokno
May Umaly
Keavy Vicente
Denise Velarmino
Sheila Mari Bandiola
Gerhard Bandiola
Tiffany Cortes
Nigel Lopez
Cynthia Bauzon-Arre
KC Mangio
Camille Habito
and all their parents.

and of course, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

So, since it’s Independence Day, I decided to dedicate this video to you, my nieces and nephews.  I think I unwittingly do most of my work for you punks. 😛    So this one’s for all of you.

One last thing —- take care of your friends – because they, too, will take care of your dreams.

with infinite fondness and much hope for your dreams,

Auntie Gang   🙂


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