My friend and I were swimming yesterday, well, technically we were just standing in the water with the level up to our shoulders and having a good
chat.  It started to rain and we stayed anyway.  Have you ever seen the sea take a pelting? It’s beautiful. Silver and all at the same time.  Thousands of sparks as the drops hit the water surface.  It made the sea look velvety, almost soft, almost dry, in fact.

I thought it was my misfortune that I didn’t have a water-proof camera at that point, it’d have made a beautiful photo.   BUT – because I didn’t have a camera on me, I had a chance to just be in that rain moment. I saw (felt & tasted) it minus the blue frame points and cross bars that usually come with my view – since I am always looking at the world through some lens.  Raw is good, every now and then.

Now I am forced to remember and write about it.

The rain, the sea, a friend!   How lucky  was I?

Memory is a wonderful thing.

I wish you days like this one.

Gang Badoy Capati
Nasugbu, Batangas
29 May 2011

Happy Birthday K, M, & D!


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