I was having problems with someone recently, long story – but it had something to do with bureaucratic procedure and etc.   Needless to say this official wasn’t my favorite and our project had to adjust and endure inconvenience around his decisions.  Since he was upset at me for (by his interpretation) questioning his authority, I knew that it was going to be uphill for me.  Naturally, I didn’t take a shine to this guy.

Tonight I heard he was gunned down somewhere in Laguna.   No further news yet on motive nor suspects.  I heard he was shot ten times and didn’t quite make even the trip to the hospital.

Despite my professional altercation with this man, I am still rather appalled (and admittedly shook) that this happened.   These are strange times.   Something has to change somewhere.   If I had a chance, I’d like to extend my condolences to his family but I imagine that it isn’t my place to do so.

I have to rethink a few things heretofore.   There’s a lesson here somewhere.   Shrug.


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