an Easter letter for my nephews (Luis & Rafa) & my niece (Matina).

Dear Luis, Rafa and Matina-

Listen to your mom.  Be smarter than TV. Less affected than the glossies. More positive than the dailies. More accessible to info than Google. More thorough and less editable than Wikipedia. More responsible than Gmail. More connected (and the reverse, more blocking) than Facebook. Occasionally as concise as Twitter.

And give your Mommy access to the ENTER button in your brain and heart until you become parents yourselves. Or beyond that.

(I made this up, don’t believe everything in it. Be your own humans! –

Question Mommy, too – but do it politely and listen to her explanation for I am sure there is always love behind her orders. There.)

Love, Auntie Gang who loves you three very much.


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One response to “an Easter letter for my nephews (Luis & Rafa) & my niece (Matina).

  • Asian tv

    a letter full with very helpful advice written with the right feeling, what is really important in life.

    I wrote a similar letter to my son, when he was born. My wife found it on my computer and was very emotional after reading the letter.

    Well done – and I hope, that he will read this letter often and act like his uncle recommended.

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