Easter, three years ago

Dear Joey,

I saw him from across the aisle. Eyeliner so thick I just knew he was a Chicosci fan.   On his lap lay a worn out skateboard with lime green wheels. It had a school sticker on the underside and a skull illustration on the top surface.

He looked tired, listless, disinterested. Typically fifteen, I thought to myself.

The LRT door opens and she walks in. Everything about her was grey. Stooped and slow.  I offered her my seat. I only had one stop to go.  She sat down and smiled at me warmly.

Then —

He flipped his skateboard rightside up and stood up slowly at first, then as if powerswitched on, he moved faster as the air tight doors went pfffft then shut.  The Legarda station signage started to pull away from us, three or so seconds went by, then I realized he was gesturing for me to take his seat — using his head.  (side nod with mouth pout pointing to seat)

I knew I only had three or so minutes before I had to alight onto the asphalt heat of Recto. I really preferred to stand this one out but didn’t want him to think that his offer was not valued. I sat down and smiled at him, hopefully warmly, too.

He looked away, embarrassed at his gallantry.  I wanted to tell him, dude mas cool yung nagpapa-upo ng nakatatanda, ayos yan.  But all I could croak out was a quick “Salamat ah.” He nods again and flashed me a split second smile-smirk.  Maintaining his cool. Clutching the top tip of his grey skateboard with lime green wheels.

Though this happened late last year, that moment – was my personal Easter.

Parang tama ka, Joey. Buhay nga yata ang Diyos.

Happy Easter,


Black Saturday 2008
Katipunan Road
Graphic Art by Dodeskaden.

Note: Again, I’d like to ask for your good vibes for Fr. Joey Fermin, SJ. And in case you still find prayer time –please mention him and his speedy and comfortable recovery. Tell God I said please.


24 April 2011 Blogger’s note:  My friend Joey died less than a year after this journal entry.  Easter is still the time I remember him the most.


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