The April Fools

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When I was younger, April felt like a certain way.

I drove by the spot where a flame tree used to be in our neighborhood and found that it’s now just a stump.   I used to gauge how long before school starts again by the way the red bunches looked on the tree.   Pag konti na lang, ibig sabihin malapit na ang pasukan.

When the first drizzle comes in – that means our summer sportsfest is halfway through.  When the asphalt starts to smell like hot rain – then I know I’ll see my classmates again.

How long has it been since I based my passage of time on nature?

My days are now measured by projects and numbers and since I don’t spend too much time outdoors anymore, I just know the days by what the lower right hand side of my laptop tells me.  There’s a series of numbers there and I say, “Ah, it is now April and it is 516pm -” and so forth.  I can tell the passage of time by what the next event is on the calendar.

But I still base the passing of my days by my friends’ birthdays or mine, or my Mom’s and brother’s.   I guess that’s still good.  I am not too far from telling time from the way a tree looks.   But this summer, I think I’ll find a tree to climb.  It’s been too long since I last did that.

Now to find a climb-able tree.


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