Okay, I thought about it:  While humiliating children may be deemed by many as cultural (class argument tossed in) — I still think it is unacceptable.

Set standards.  Clear.

Just because it’s okay with the parents, the State still has its responsibility to uphold the rights of a child.

If parents go to the LTO, refer to their 8 year old child and say, “Okay lang, enjoy yan mag drive at marunong na yan, approve kami.” — the LTO will still not issue the 8 year old a driver’s license.

[In loco parentis.]

For now I am set. Making fun of children is unacceptable.  In any form, magnitude and in any venue.  Children are flotsam to our tides – it is our responsibility to take utmost care of them.  Regardless of how we were cared for – for that is where the argument comes in when they say, “ganyan talaga” or “nakagisnan” or “dinaanan din natin lahat yan.” No.  That is not the bar.

(Always to make better, I say  – heretofore.)

Last thought for the night.    We should never turn our backs on chances to elevate standards for how we care for children.  Never.

Maybe I’ll have new thoughts tomorrow.

-Gang Badoy
30 March 2011
In reaction to this issue:  CLICK HERE

photo: me and my youngest nephew and niece.



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