once in a song

BG & I in jail

My good friend (& Ninang) went with me to prison the other week.   She wanted to meet the gentlemen of Muntinlupa, the students of my Creative Writing class.

Since the class found out that my Ninang is someone I really value, they decided to send in the choir to serenade her.   Here we are sitting and basking in their song.  While they sang, I scanned their faces.  I tried to think of the lives behind those smiles while they sang “You and I”  ( a romantic/religious classic of the retreat kind) and I couldn’t help but feel full inside.  I wasn’t sure what I was feeling, actually – it’s just the fullness that comes with imagining all the stories of pain, loss, regret, mistakes, perhaps even remorse or innocence that came with their song.

“You and I will travel far together,” they sang in chorus.  A jaded one would’ve had a wit field day with that irony but there was no space for cynicism that afternoon.  At least not for us.   They sang with heart and we listened with the same muscle.

Some Wednesdays feel like Fridays.

And I am grateful for those.


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