let life commence

“The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.”  -James Taylor.

I spoke at the high school graduation of the daughter of my two good friends yesterday.

Congratulations Class of 2011, Pioneering High School batch of the Multiple Intelligence International School. I was so proud to be part of your big day.  Thank you for inviting me.


1. Be smarter than TV.
2. The internet is not the main source.  Live-Google when you can. Get up from that computer chair and go outside every chance you get.  But record what you see on the net for others to read.
3. Be smarter than how you perceive yourself to be.  You can only do this by falling in love with a craft or an idea or an art.  If you do fall in love, focus will follow and with focus comes expertise.
4. If you have something to say (and you will have something to say) choose the best language to express it.  It can be music, business, math, accounting, politics, science, anything.  But say it.
5. If there’s someone better at expressing something, give her or him the floor, share the stage and support him or her from the wings.
6. Listen to your parents.  Listen to yourself.  Then tell your parents what you told yourself.

7.  Hindi ikaw ang pag-asa ng bayan, IKAW ANG BAYAN.

You are the Philippines.  Your personal history is Philippine History.  Take it.

Class of 2011, rock and roll.

-Gang Badoy
Rock Ed Philippines
20 March 2011
UP Film Center


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