I need to go back to a time or place where (when) afternoons were lazy and then at sundown I can actually hear cicadas.  I remember I used to be so annoyed at the cicadas by our park that I walked faster when I was under a tree because the sound was so loud.  These days I find myself longing (nay, pining!) for the sound and everything that came with it.

A slow almost drunken walk home from playing with my neighbors.  I used to walk by this house all the time, they had lemon grass planted outside their gate and I used to ALWAYS pluck out a part of the blade and sniff it til the end of that particular block.   How long has it been since I did that?   I’m not sure why my mind is there tonight, it could be the fatigue or the anxiety of friends and a cousin in the hospital.  My work or the quake or that we share the same global plate as Japan.  *shrug*

Some nights I just want to go somewhere else then I stop and write and realize, here is not so bad, actually.  So I say, okay I’ll stay put because I can always remember.

It’s just that sometimes the city gets to me.

photo: house in Bacolod  March 2011


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