any major dude

any major dude

A child has many fathers.  For me it has always been my brothers and their friends.  As far back as I remember, this bunch has been in my life.  From the time I was, maybe 5, they’ve been in and out of my house – hanging with my eldest brother, turning our sala into an Aikido Dojo, chatting with my Mom, sleeping and falling drunk on our front lawn.

hardly 50

They’re all celebrating their 50th birthdays during this stretch and I can’t believe the cool guys of my childhood are now in the golden decade of their lives.   Anyway- it was one major dude’s birthday gathering last night, so there I was again with the crew.

the boy slap

They’re shocked at the stories that I remember about them.  How could I not record them all in my brain when they were so rowdy and loud and always around?   Stories of their high school student council elections, who stole whose girlfriend, and the campus figure who managed to steal ALL their girlfriends.  All the way to who ranks best in badminton today.

pour more

Last night reminded me of an old quote,  (must’ve been a Duke of Florence, one of the Medicis): You shall read that we are commanded to forgive our enemies; but you never read that we are commanded to forgive our friends.

Chel, his family, & a story

It is exactly that playful non-forgiving that makes for great stories.  Stories  that need more than fifty years on repeat.
How cool of the fates to deal me these jokers as part of my life’s hand.


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One response to “any major dude

  • Gao Pronove

    Gang, the privilege is ours to have a “baby sister” and now best friend like you. You were such an energy ball then and now a dynamo of events and action. And I love how you make us sound so real and old but still kinda in a way cool. Thanks and see you at my 50th belated party soon, someday, somewhere…

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