why we take photos

How often does a 13 year old get free reign of an F5, kneel in front of a tank with Mom, and read the papers the following day & (that despite not being mentioned) feel like she was featured in the headline?

For millions it was a political event.  For me it was mostly about things I learned from my Mom. (in photo) “Go out, learn, feel, kneel if you have to, pray when that need comes up, if you have it in you – stay front and center, when you know exactly what you’re fighting for- only then can you stay in front and center, lead if that is asked of you, think, sit behind if that’s the best option, sometimes – only sometimes, safety is not first, pray that you be sharp enough to know all things ‘when,’  — but ultimately stay where I can see you and document things for the future.”

The boys in my 'hood, me and my brothers. (1986)

She kept saying, “Remember this, Gang, remember this.”  Over and over.

Plato said:  Our story shall be the education of our future heroes.  (I say, it depends.)

Remembering my 1986, nonetheless.


What I wrote about this last year.


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