Three Outstanding Young Men 2010

TOYM trophies, still on the table.

(Gang’s) Three Outstanding Young Men, 2010

I know that there are many people who do not believe so much in awards. I know this because I am one of them. It was always my contention that if the work is sincere, it will be accomplished despite the absence of recognition or laud. For a long time I didn’t have the grace enough to accept someone else’s gratitude, I’d dismiss a friend who’d express profuse thank yous or I’d shush off someone who sent some praise my way. Like many of you, I was raised to believe that to be self-effacing is prime and to seek recognition was not the attitude of a refined one and that, for the most part, it is usually the egotistic one’s zone.

Naturally something changed somewhere because here I am.

Awards are thank yous my parents understand.  It is also an elegant way of thanking all those who have helped Rock Ed along the way to where it is today. This TOYM Award is in memory of my good friends (+) Alexis Tioseco and (+) Hecky Villanueva – and in honor of the work that they were still doing when they were taken from this earth.  In the end the award is, after all, not for the awardee but for whomever the awardee wishes to thank, honor or remember.

It is also to acknowledge the sheer enthusiasm of Mike Alvir of UP Diliman, now an inmate of the Maximum Security Prison in Muntinlupa who, since 2007, tirelessly coordinates Rock Ed alternative learning classes inside prison to provide his fellow inmates with more venues for education.

They, in my opinion, deserve it more than I do.

It is my honor to present my personal roster of TOYM Awardees.

1. Alexis Tioseco (+),  Gang’sTOYM Awardee  – Arts, Culture, and Film.

2. Ronald Hector Villanueva (+) , Gang’sTOYM Awardee – Anthropology, Research, and Environmental Devt Practice.

3. Mike Alvir,  (inmate, Maximum Security Prison) Gang’sTOYM Awardee – Alternative Education

Of course this is just me and in my mind – because in my free mind, I can imagine a world where Alexis Tioseco and Hecky Villanueva are still alive and doing their work —  and a world where Mike Alvir is acquitted and free.

-Gang Badoy


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