media is media

There is no replacing print media.  It’s just adjusting right now.  No replacement for traditional media.  Or news TV.
Online media, well – it is here to stay, too, I believe.  But all forms will just find their placement soon enough.
We, after all, thought radio was dying a decade or so ago -but look.

It’s a matter of pushing for each medium’s distinct offering to the reading/viewing/listening public.

TV is limited by time and footage.
Print is limited by circulation.
Online media is limited by net connectivity.
Radio is limited by being purely aural – (I won’t get started on TeleRadyo – that’s a whole different discussion all together.)

So – all media can fortify their roles because they all will surface as ‘most fit’ during different times and locations of its viewing/listening/reading public.

Media is media.  For as long as there is a message, there will be media.   That sounds like forever to me.

Now – to make the finances look a lot better is not my expertise so I won’t go there.

Gang Badoy
18 September 2010
my scribbled notes after joining panel discussion at a media conference somewhere in Tagaytay.
MN 7.0


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