Huling Sumuko, Unang Nalimutan

Gen. Macario Sakay, seated 2nd from right.

On September 13, 1907, Macario Sakay, (Seated, 2nd from Right) the leader of the Republic of Katagalugan, the de facto fourth President of the Philippines, was hanged. Before his death, he made the following statement:

Death comes to all of us sooner or later, so I will face the Lord Almighty calmly. But I want to tell you that we are not bandits and robbers, as the Americans have accused us, but members of the revolutionary force that defended our mother country, the Philippines! Farewell! Long live the Republic and may our independence be born in the future! Ling live the Philippines!”[4][5]

Sakay is the last Filipino General to surrender during the Fil-Am war.


If the conspiracy theory is true – that even our heroes were chosen for us, then it’s time to change the way we remember, archive and honor people and places from our past.  No other country should tell us whom or what to hold in high regard.  We should choose our own heroes and mark historically relevant places ourselves – heretofore.

-Gang Badoy
13 September 2o10
Macario Sakay Day


Blogger’s note: My friend Lourd texted me that to this day he hasn’t heard of a road, street, nor thoroughfare named after Gen. Sakay. Neither have I.  You?

(Such a forgetful nation.)

READ MORE about “the last holdouts” of the Fil-Am war.


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