Citizen safe.

A network of friends encouraging each other to stay safe in the cities.

*SMS at least 3 people the license plate and name of the cab you get into, keep emergency numbers on speed dial if possible.

* Check on each other when you part after a gathering or a party.
* SMS each other if you’re home safe.

* Don’t let anyone you don’t know so well into your home.

* Always let someone else know where you are or who you’re with. Parents, mentors, friends or siblings. Anyone.
* As much as possible refrain from ‘secret meet ups’ with people none of your friends know.
* If you meet someone new – always introduce him or her to family or other friends or classmates.

* This is not paranoia, this is smart. It is about you and people you care about.
* Do not give out your personal information online or when on the phone in public.
* Watch out for each other. Form neighborhood buddy groups.
* Be more vigilant.
* Know the number and location of the nearest police or fire department. Anything.
* Better to err on the side of caution.
* Adopt safe habits. * Remind each other. Please. Every chance – remind each other – be alert.
* Don’t doze off in a cab or a train or a bus or a jeep. Stay awake.
* Look alert.

When I asked inmates in jail, the ones tried for kidnapping and robbery – they say they always prefer attacking people who look inattentive, tired, distracted or someone with a lot of bags and things in their two hands. Interestingly enough, one of the inmates said he never held up anybody who had an umbrella. (Yes, an umbrella!)

Basta, listo dapat at lista! Walk and stride like you’re in charge. It deters them a bit, at the very least. Hindi ito O.A. Importante ito.

Go where you are safe and stay where you are safe. And keep each other safe. No stupid risks. Safety first.

Safety FIRST.

CITIZEN SAFE: A campaign for urban safety formed in September 2009 after Alexis and Nika were murdered in their Times Street home. This campaign is in their memory. Email us for more suggestions on safety tips.

c. 2009 Rock Ed Philippines


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