Rock Ed’s Sex Ed survey, 2010

Rock Ed's Sex Ed survey, 2010

If you don’t mind helping me with an article I’m writing – please share with me your thoughts on Sex Ed. Otherwise, maybe you can answer these questions:

1) How did you learn about sex? (not the bio but the actual act)

2) Who (or what) actually described/illustrated intercourse to you?

3) Now that you’re older & (hopefully) know more about sex – how would you have wanted to find out about sex?



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10 responses to “Rock Ed’s Sex Ed survey, 2010

  • bartzzzz

    Nung 14 years old ako 14 years ago, I didn’t know the concept of sex. Pero na eexcite ako sa mga ka batchmates ko na nag dedevelop yung mga katawan nila and all. Kala ko nga before basta maging crush mo isang tao mabubuntis mo na siya.

    So to answer your question I learned about sex in line of falling in love through movies so the fullest expression of love for me would be with sex.

    Regarding the 2nd question, I learned the “techniques” through Pornography and Soft Porn movies nung late 90s, early 2000

    I would rather learn sex through the concept of an expression of love like what I have learned from my youth

  • akocdyuhlie

    1. i heard it from my mom’s employee cause they kept talking about it. it was like uhmm 5. i think that’s way too young to be hearing about sex.

    2. my high school teacher. thanks to my bio class and a not-so pornographic illustration of intercourse.

    3. i would’ve wanted to find out about sex in a way my professor in college taught her daughter while she’s reading sexuality to teach in class. by telling it to her straight to her face that coitus is done by 2 individuals mature enough to engage in such activity but they have to be married though (i think she has to inject that marriage part because that has been the norm) 🙂

    • gangcentral

      Thanks for taking the time out – I think the love angle should really be part of the education, no? I wish there were classes on relationship and the laws of attraction over and above the knowledge of sex.


  • tina

    1. books. i was in grade school. then i saw a porn mag lying around. of course i felt embarrassed and ashamed but it was too intriguing for me to put down.

    2. i sort of figured things out from reading, then in high school we had sex ed during biology. our teacher taught us the whole shebang.

    3. from my parents, i would think. or siblings. at least we would have been at home, and there would have been no shame.

  • Rone

    HI GANG!!! I like this topic. Hahaha.

    1) My brother was born when I was 6. My mom tried all sorts of ways to explain to me how she got pregnant and how the baby lives in her tummy but no answer or explanation was satisfactory to me. They just gave me more questions.

    One day at some bookstore in Greenhills I found a book that explained EVERYTHING, with a love angle as you say, and I was thrilled to finally get my questions answered.

    Side Note: I brought that book to school on a day we were assigned to bring our favorite book. The nuns were scandalized, they confiscated the book, MADE me bring another one the next day AND called my very pregnant mom to school.

    2) Like I said my mom tried but failed, it was finally that picture book that explained it all.

    3) I love the way I found out.

  • K

    1) Biology 2nd year high school

    2) Video in Biology class. It was animated but I kind of understand the whole picture through it. But also, I looked for more, out of curiosity.

    3) I think through a proper and organized sex education.

  • budoy

    what happened to your ivan padilla article?

  • g

    1) when i was 10, i suddenly noticed there were changes on the bodies of my girl classmates (ie breasts). then in our science subject we discussed the basic reproductive system. we were told to take care of our bodies. but i one thing i remembered, everytime we talk about (from grade 4-6), we would always discussed with the grin on my teachers’ faces which made me always laughed out loud that time,

    2) my grade 5 teacher discussed it in detail, he didn’t have visuals but he was creative with his hands. he goes “piyok” when he was discussing it which makes everyone laugh in the class.

    3) it should be part of our education curriculum and the church should not intervene about it. more and more young people are getting pregnant everyday not to mention the victims of rape of young girls.

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