(as told to Gang Badoy by Ivan Padilla’s sisters, girlfriend, and mother)
FILED UNDER THE RETHINK MEDIA GROUP: an alternative media source.
(3 August 2010, Manila)
Author’s note: (added 4 August 2010) – this piece was done because I had a chance to talk to the family of Ivan Padilla through his younger sisters who my nieces happen to know.  They asked me to go and check on “B” – and to send their condolences.   This piece is not in defense of Ivan Padilla. We do not agree with the late Padilla’s actions – we thought it was just fair to let his younger sisters be heard. That’s all.

Without meaning nor wanting to, I am now tasked to write this piece.

Through the prodding of my niece who happens to be the friend of B, I found myself in the Correctional Institution for Women this afternoon listening to Malou Padilla and her daughters.

I just went to see ‘B’ and to make sure that she was okay at this time of grief.  Naturally, the conversation revolved around their Kuya’s death.

While I write this with no set opinion on anything yet, I will try my best to recall everything we talked about this afternoon.  If only to help the girls share what they know so far.

B is the younger sister of recently slain alleged carnap ring leader Ivan Padilla, 23.  B told me about some factual errors the networks have been reporting about their family.  In the interest of clarity, I shall enumerate the exchange between myself, ‘B,’ her older sister ‘M,’ Ivan’s life partner ‘A’and their mother Malou.

1. ‘M’ first tweeted that the networks have been reporting erroneous facts.  She made it clear that her father is NOT in jail.  Her mother is in the Correctional Institution for Women on a drug-related charge from over a decade ago.  She has since turned to God and is now under Minimum watch.  I saw her this afternoon and she did surprise me with her calmness peppered with her constant references to Psalm 23 whenever the subject turns to my awe of how she’s so composed during such a difficult time.

2. ‘B’ shared with me how while she was sitting in the Funeraria Filipinas receiving area – the news team of RPN 9 and TV5 were all asking the (what seems to be) the manager of the funeral parlor if they could shoot/film Ivan’s body inside the morgue.  The manager would repeatedly say that under strict requests from the Padilla family members, no media person was to be allowed inside the morgue.  ‘B’ even heard one someone “in white” from RPN 9 say, “Nasa kulungan naman parehong magulang niyan, wala namang magtatanong o magagalit.” (Both his parents are in jail anyway, so no one will ask or be offended.) They didn’t know who she was because she was hiding behind her companion and did not identify herself for fear of being mobbed with questions she wasn’t ready for.

3. ‘B’ shared how painful it is to read comments on news links online that spewed attacks against her brother –especially the ones that insinuate that ‘he deserved it.’  A trial is what everyone deserves, no matter what.  Not death this way, she insinuates.

4. Speaking of death.  Ivan’s life partner ‘A’ shared that she got to embrace him before they wheeled him in for the autopsy.  She said she had a conversation with an Ospital ng Makati doctor (I’m assuming the attending physician at the time Ivan got there. A vaguely recalled that it could possibly be a certain Dr. Espina.)  She found out that Ivan arrived Ospital ng Makati at 550am.  Based on the stories of Ivan’s friend (either Mark or someone whose name starts with a J) said that they were in the vicinity of A.Venue along Makati Ave around 330am – and heard the shots from the supposed encounter around 420-430am.  A handcuffed Ivan was even on video muttering something at an ABS CBN microphone while sitting or being assisted into the arresting officers’ vehicle.  One question that came up for A, B, M and Malou  is why did it take so long to get Ivan to Ospital ng Makati along Malugay, Bel Air Makati which is (at most) fifteen minutes away – less so since there was no traffic at that early hour.

5. The Inquirer today (Tues Aug 3 2010) reported that there were two police reports prepared.  One at 6am (quote Senior Supt. Leo Francisco, head of the NCR Police Office or NCRPO -Intelligence Operation Unit) as saying that “Ivan Padilla and a companion were arrested.”  And will both be presented to the media at the NCRPO HQ in Bicutan.  Then half an hour later Francisco called up a radio reporter and while off air clarified that Padilla had actually died at the hospital.   At 10am during an NCRPO initiated press con, the Inquirer saw the drafts of two (2) press releases “one saying Padilla was captured, the other saying he was killed.”  (source: Inquirer Tues Aug 3, 2010 page A8)

6. Ivan Padilla DID take a shot in the head, the bullet still lodged in his forehead but he was still able to talk while handcuffed BEFORE being dropped off at the Ospital ng Makati.  Now – on the subject of being ‘dropped off’ – yes, says ‘M’ – her Kuya was merely dropped off and that when she got to Ospital ng Makati – there was no one there.  No police officers, no media men.  She even thought they made a mistake and they drove to the other Ospital ng Makati branch and then subsequently drove back to the Malugay branch only to find him there registered as “Mister X.”  Her aunt, in fact, had to call and be the one to identify Ivan (through his tattoo, lean built and prominent features) – so he has records written under a “Mister X.”   Now – both sisters and A started talking at the same time asking me if Ivan was already declared as ‘arrested’ or ‘captured’ – then why not identify or give his name to the E.R. nurse or doctor?  Why ‘Mister X’ – and they also all wanted to know if that was standard operating procedure – to merely ‘drop off’ a dying or even DOA suspect?  (Is it?)  I just said I didn’t know but I will ask.  It seemed logical to me to assume that that wasn’t standard.  I have witnessed a crime scene post-murder last year and I know for a fact that the SOCO and the QCPD (where the murder of my friends Alexis Tioseco & Nika Bohinc happened) were very conscious about identification and not leaving them until most paperwork was done.  At least even just for the identification.

7. They told me that the addresses on Ivan’s ID’s are not theirs.  They do not live in North Forbes, nor do they live in Alabang.

8. Most reports either out and out or implied at the very least – that he died during the encounter and because of the gunshot wound.  They showed me Ivan’s death certificate – it said he had ‘No permanent address.’  Male. 23 years old.  Filipino.  Signed by the Makati Health Dept (Licensed, Salinas, MD)  Signed by his sister (Padilla).  Signed by the funeral director (Laksamana). Verified by a de la Cruz – OIC Reg Division. Signed by the licensed embalmer of Funeraria Filipinas, Makati City (Fuster). A stamp that said “AUTOPSY FREE OF CHARGE.” And cause of death: Asphyxia as a result of blunt force to the throat. (T 71) Signed by V. Nolido, MD (Medico Legal Officer)

9. I cannot surmise on anything written here.  I was even warned by my lawyer to just ‘stay away’ because it is safer that way.  Especially since I do not know them and I have not had any association with the family.  But in the face of a mother, a beloved, and younger sisters of someone who died yesterday (whether by gunshot or not) – how can I not write? This is not a judgment piece on anyone – nor is it to shed light on anything.  It is merely a narration of (as close to fact) as possible.  And everything here is documented on paper and/OR narrated first-hand by a loved one of the victim.  I can pass our judgment on Ivan Padilla but certainly I cannot deprive his younger sisters the right to ask questions. Clarity is usually the only comfort one can get during a death.  Even if it is ugly – at least it is their truth.

10. The Padilla family would like to ask for the help of the Commission on Human Rights to at least look into the matter and perhaps answer even just a few more questions.  Some light in this tough time will really help.   Regardless of how Ivan lived – his family has a right to know exactly what happened at his time of death.

-Gang Badoy
Alternative Media Source

Addendum: The family also laments how GMA7 flashed the photo of Ivan’s son on national TV.


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115 responses to “REGARDING IVAN PADILLA (a narration)

  • Pinoy Gossip Boy

    I don’t wish to pass judgment on this issue as, I think, the court had already taken cognizance of the case. I would just like to commend you for having the audacity to write beyond sensationalism. Whether or not there is truth to these, I think that the CHR should look into this matter. Based on your narration, the circumstances presented spark a scintilla of doubt on what has been reported on mainstream media.

    • tommy

      I miss you Ivan! I knew who you were back when we were young and that can never change despite your mistakes in life. Im sorry I was’nt there to help you when you needed me but you were there when i needed you. Soon people will forget you, but I wont. I know, in your last minutes in life you’ve asked for forgiveness, God will not judge you by your mistakes, like men does, but the good things you did. And you were right, your tattoo; ‘product of my environment’ only you could understand what hell you’ve been through in your life. I love you bro.. RIP

  • Pedestrian Observer GB

    Troubling to say the least, dropping off a wounded or dead suspect in the hospital is not a standard procedure. Sounds like they have something to hide, was it because they will not be able to explain why a suppossedly deadly gun encounter ended up in death by asphyxiation?

    • ilonggo

      Ano bang standard procedure na alam mo na dapat sundin?

      • gangcentral

        Hi ilonggo: Nakausap ko yung Police Superintendent (in charge NCRPO) Francisco – sabi po niya ang S.O.P ay manatili sa labas ng ospital ang mga pulis para masagot ang mga tanong ng pamilya o media. Nakausap ko po siya sa Rundown ng ANC.

        Hindi sila sigurado kung nanatili sa labas ang mga pulis, ang sabi lang ng mga kapatid ni Padilla – wala na raw pulis sa Ospital ng Makati pag dating nila doon. Nagbigay ng assurance si Supt. Francisco na i-imbestigahan nila ang nangyari nung mga oras na iyon. Sa tunog ng boses ni Francisco – parang masinop at determinado naman ang NCRPO na tumulong sa Commission on Human Rights.

  • Mama Mia

    Thank you for writing this.. I know Ivan personally and you are right with what you said it doesn’t matter how he lived his life, everyone deserves a trial, what happened to him is an injustice! I hope and pray that the CHR really look into this, because it always happens, when will police brutality stop? Obviously the rules of engagement were not followed 😦 and the worst part is, they get away with it..

    • ilonggo

      Siguro ngayon nararamdaman na ng family nila ang narararamdaman ng mga biktima nila…… Let this case be an example to others…. I prefer bad guys die rather than government waste our taxes by feeding it to them in jail….

      • kkk

        yung victims naman nila car lang ang nawala. hindi buhay ng kapamilya. so i don’t think its the same feeling. napapalitan ang gamit ang buhay hindi.

      • high

        Ivan did not kill anyone. If you dont know the guy, don’t judge him by what the “media” is telling everyone. No one deserves to die the way he did. Ivan is a good person, who just lost his way. Everybody deserves proper justice, and his is not by dying.

      • Mama Mia

        how arrogant of you to say that you’d prefer them dead than be fed by our tax money while they’re in jail! i believe that everyone deserves a fair trial! if he did do the carnapping then he should go to jail and he shouldn’t be killed! eh kung rapists nga and murderer hinahayaan makulong then why not a carnapper na wala naman sinaktan physically.. yes they may have pointed a gun at their victims but they dont hurt them, they didnt even kill anyone!!!! ivan left behind a son.. who is only 3 years old! so is it the right of the cops to kill him and deprive his son of knowing him? if he was jailed at least pwede pa siya makilala ng anak niya.. i know ivan did alot of wrong things and his decisions put him where he is now.. but the fact remains that this case was mis-handled terribly!!!

      • 13elieve

        @Mama Mia

        i hope you don’t mind if i ask:

        did you/your friends and his family know of his wrongdoings? from before pa or whenever. did u do anything about it?

        ivan, must have gone through loads of problems that lead him to such actions, napunta talaga sa maling buhay. poor guy.

        @ms. gang badoy

        thank you for this. sa bawat kuwento, maraming panig at maganda kung mapapakinggan o mababasa ang mga ito. hope you can feature the story or stories of victims naman, and maybe, a few members of the police force (na hindi sensational kung magsalita).

      • gangcentral

        @15elieve – Sana magkaroon ako ng pagkakataon makausap ang mga naging biktima. Sa ngayon, ito lang naman ang nakwento sa akin. Salamat sa comment. Sinubukan ko talagang maging neutral – pero masyado talagang maraming anggulo ang isang kwento.

      • PMJersey

        They are so daring even the car of the prominent people they car napped. Siguro kung hindi prominent na tao ang kinarnap nila marami pa silang makakarnap. “The man who leave by guns die by guns”.

  • Dkilala123

    this is tipical pinoy police, salvage pure salvage lang yan.The padillia family should press charges. its their rights to know what happed to Ivan.

  • Dkilala123

    this is tipical pinoy police, salvage pure salvage lang yan.The padillia family should press charges. its their rights to know what happed to Ivan. thats the best thing. and bring the media also in para matakot ung mga POlice

    • ilonggo

      Aba ang mga pulis pa ngayon ang may kasalanan…… Kaya marami na ngayon ang mga car-nappers at hold-uppers dahil sympathetic masyado ang mga pinoy sa mga masasamang tao….. I rather want all af them be killed para hindi na gumastos ang gobyerno natin sa pagpapakain sa kanila sa kulongan.

      • aj

        i agree with ilonggo. i dont think natatakot sa pulis ang mga carnappers na yan. nakipagbarilan sila di ba? hindi ako naawa sa mga yan. mas mabuti pang mamatay na lang sila dahil sa mga pinagagawa nila.

      • cavitenio

        ilongo, it becomes the police’s fault if they do not follow the SOP of apprehending a suspect. he did not deserve to die, he deserved due process as like all people who make mistakes and lose their way. and maybe even for you if ever you fuck up in this life time at kahit makitod yang utak mo. everyone deserves due process. it’s a human’s right. if you dont believe that then maybe you arnt human. maybe youre some kind of animal.

      • tommy

        I agree with you. Sana pag nag kamali ka mamatay ka agad.

      • butinga

        human rights violation???? naisip ba nila yan pag nagccarnap sila and minsan pinapatay mga may ari pag di binigay ang kotse! mga leche! kala mo sinong kawawa!

  • sychitpin

    justice should be received regardless of station or profession in life, cause of death stating Asphyxia as a result of blunt force to the throat. (T 71) Signed by V. Nolido, MD (Medico Legal Officer) is something CHR or investigators should look into.
    one theory was that Ivan was “silenced” to protect the mastermind of his gang.
    CRIME DOES NOT PAY. The long arm of law will also catch up with the mastermind.


    hi gang! i am jenny,news researcher of tv5. i find your blog ang interesting one. can i have your number? just in case we need to interview someone who has to say about ivan padilla… here’s my number-0905-2417765/936-1557

    your input will be of great help for our story. thank you so much DJ Gang!

    • gangcentral

      I do not know Ivan Padilla, never met him. I only got to talk to the sisters the other day because my niece (who is not based here) asked me to send her condolences. I only met the mother because I had to meet the sisters in the Correctional Institution for Women because they were going to be there for the permit of their Mom to attend their brother’s wake. So if you want to interview someone who has something to say about Ivan himself – that would not be me. You should try to find his friends or his family to ask them directly.

      If there is any info you need from me regarding this – it is all written above. That is the narration they gave me. I reluctantly wrote it – because I believed the two younger sisters had a right to ask their questions. That’s it.

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  • franz

    Ivan is also a victim of police irresponsible & inhumane acts.

    show some mercy

    • ilonggo

      Ang ginagawa ba ni IVAN at pananakot sa mga may ari ng sasakyan ay ok lang sayo.

      Kapag pumatay ng tao ang mga carnapper/holdupper ba ay nagpapakita din sila ng MERCY…..

      BS!!! Idilat mo ang mga mata mo…. kaya lumalakas ang loob ng mga carnapper na yan at hold upper dahil sa mga paniniwala nyo…..

      Come to think na ginagawa nila ito para makabili sila ng droga…. Hindi talaga malayo na handa silang pumatay ng mga inocenting tao para lang sa kanilang bisyo.

  • i_m_anonymous

    So, are the charges true?

    • gangcentral

      I’m not sure which charges you’re asking about – charges against Ivan? (of carnapping and theft, etc? Yes, I think most of them are true.) If you’re asking about charges against the police for handling the case – then there are none as of today. (5 August 2010)


      The charges are true, the point of the matter is he was salvaged/terminated/murdered so as not to speak, least that is my theory……i wonder who is behind all these, nakauniporme rin kaya?

  • joji magno

    could they have choked him to death because dead men tell no tales?!

    ivler was luckier!

    • md

      I spoke to an MD friend and he says that we would never know if he ducked and hit himself while in the shoot out. He was lucid during the interview yes, but the time for his body to react might have taken longer and thus resulted in asphixation.

      The police could have come to the conclusion that it was not a fatal wound due to the fact that he was still able to talk and give answers to the interviewer.

      I don’t condone the act of violence and I do not see why he had to die. There are ways to punish a person who is in this case evil. But who are we to decide who is to die or not.

      I do not know Ivan but I feel that no one, bad or good, should ever die such a horrible death. We are all born equal. I do not agree with his choices and he should have been punished but not this way.

  • Mika

    Thank you for this.

  • natnoob

    Thank you for having the courage to write about this. It means a lot to have people like you write about what should have been in the news in the first place.

    • gangcentral

      To be fair – Ces Drilon wanted to go and talk to the family as respectfully as possible. The DOJ’s permission was needed for mainstream media to talk to the family and it takes a day to get that permit. I got the narration first because I just happened to be the one physically there.

      I’m not sure if it is right or wrong or brave or not, I just knew that the younger sisters are going through a very tough time right now – they needed to clarfiy many things through an enumeration of things they wanted to say — it was merely acceptable for me to oblige.

      But thank you for the thank you. 🙂

  • dueygee

    Thanks Ms. Gang for enlighening us about this issue. It is really important for the people to understand this issue.

  • Jansport

    I met him when we were in grade school. We became friends and he even slept in my house for a couple of months. My family treated him as a relative. I will never forget the smile on his face when he met my family. He enjoyed his stay and our company. No matter what crime he has committed he still deserve due process of law. What the policemen did to him is something that bothers everyone’s mind. I am sure that Ivan said his prayers before those “paraks” ended his life.

  • GYV6110

    Back in 1999 I met this boy. We were schoolmates back then. We became friends and had some adventures in school. Unfortunately, he dropped out because of some personal matters. But I can still remember him sleeping in our house for a couple of months. My family treated him like no other. When I saw him on TV I was shocked to know that he is involved in such things. After a couple of days I heard that he died in a shoot out with the police (ANCAR). Upon seeing the video and interview I was bothered to what I have seen. How did he die while the media is trying to get his statement. Let’s face it, everyone deserves a due process of law. No matter what crime you have committed. I am bothered on the procedure that they implemented on Ivan’s case. May the family find light on this matter with the help of CHR. Thank you Gang central for the narration of my friend’s life.

  • nykers

    Are Ivan’s 2 sisters, life partner and mother even aware of what Ivan was supposedly doing with his life? Are they aware of his illegal activities and drug addiction? Did they try to save him from a life heading towards his death? Or did they just turn a blind eye just the same as the police turned their eyes when Ivan was dying in the police car.

    • gangcentral

      I don’t know the sisters very well, I just met them the other day (because my niece who is not based in the Philippines) asked me to send her condolences – from what I gathered, it seems like Ivan operated/lived quite separately from them. Their mother is in jail so I think she was even more removed from Ivan’s activities. I think the mother has been in jail since Ivan was 11 years old. (the sisters are even younger)

  • Budz

    if he didn’t do those things, he would still be alive.

    plain and simple.

    our country is very far from perfect. if innocent people are victimized, how much more for people like padilla, a crime suspect.

    it was his choice to live that life in a country like ours. in a place where law enforcement and the judiciary is far from ideal.

  • Tom

    Would you bother writing about this if the suspect was an ordinary snatcher salvaged by cops? This Ivan Padilla, lived a criminal life, he got salvaged by cops. Is it a crime? YES, sadly these things also happens to petty criminals.

    You should write more about them than Ivan Padilla who lived his life surrounded by people from your own circle. JUST TO BE FAIR.

    • gangcentral

      Tom: I teach in Maximum Security Prison in Muntinlupa every Wednesday. I made a documentary on petty criminals in 2007. And yes – if given the chance to listen to another story, I’d definitely write about the (what you call) petty criminals. I agree with you completely, the goal is to be fair.

      In case you’re interested here’s a trailer of our docu:

      -Gang Badoy

  • Nevermind

    Biases and Manipulation.

    Good thing people like you care to use the Social Media well to let the public know of the truth.

    Where were the media men when these things happened? Were they silenced too?

    • gangcentral

      @Nevermind: Very good question! I was wondering where the ABS CBN crew was too. The ones who interviewed him before he was whisked off the the hospital. I wonder where they went after that? I wonder why they didn’t drive/follow the police car to the Ospital ng Makati? Hmmm. We should ask them, no?


        yes please, shed some light on this premiss: where were the media people, who normally dont give up easily, they actually get in the way pa nga eh!

  • Nevermind

    Biases and Manipulation.

    Good thing people like you care to use the Social Media well to let the public know of the truth.

    Where were the media men when these things happened? Were they silenced too?

    (weird, someone else’s pic appeared up there)

  • ilonggo

    Sa tingin ko si Ivan din ang may kasalanan bakit sya humantong sa ganitong sitwasyon……Ivan dig it’s own grave when he decided to commit all his crimes. This should be an example to everybody. Sabi dito ng editor na ang mother ni Ivan ay “She has since turned to God and is now under Minimum watch” at mat Psalm 23 pa na sinabi…. If ever na bumalik sa dyos yung mother at alam nya ang pinag-gagawa ng anak nya ibig sabihin tinutolirate nya ito….

    • unbiased

      ang hirap maghusga ng hindi mo alam ang circumstances, yes, gumawa sya ng mali, pero huwag naman natin husgahan ang maga tao sa paligid nya. lolo na pag hindi mo kilala, and nobody deserves to die. he should have been the witness too.

    • Kups

      Ilonggo why are you so bitter and full of hatred? I pity you for living a life so miserable you rejoice on the grief of other people. Kulang ka siguro sa yakap ng magulang.

      Nabawasan ang mga carnappers sa mundo, sana lang ang mga pulis na abusado mabawasan din.


        kups, i agree with you…….Ilonggo’s foul shots are annoying especially for me who knows the family personally…i hope GOD touches Ilonggo’s heart and make him feel the agonies of losing a loved one, who had in all these times been misguided, he is just 23 yo for heaven’s sake…he doens have fiery eyes showing of a burnt soul, but was robbed off his time to even change his ways, his son could have been the chance to change and become a better person, i wish i could tag you on the video of Ivan teaching his son to write, etc…

  • pulis patola

    Do you know that you’re talking about?
    You’re not taking any sides?
    But why term the shooting of a criminal caught in the act “murder”?
    What right of the family? His mother’s who’s a convicted drug dealer? His siblings’ and neighbors’ who shared the fruits of his crimes?
    Why don’t we focus on his victims instead? Don’t these victims deserve more attention from a Gang Badoy???
    I hate to say this but it appears that you’re just riding on the issue for popularity.

    • gangcentral

      I agree with you completely. There really are many sides to a story. Thanks for raising other points of view on the matter. -Gang

    • gangcentral

      PS: I edited the word “murder” because you made a good case pointing the use of that term out to me. I hope you don’t mind that I edited the piece a bit based on your reaction. Thanks again.

      • pulis patola

        thanks too…i know you have your “cause” too…but i appreciate your calm response. you make me feel stupid. =(

    • PMJersey

      Minsan yung mga pulis kaya natatakot sa mga engkwentro katulad nito nadadala. Kawawa rin naman mga pulis kasi minsan talagang engkwentro pero minsan minamasa kasi me namamatay na mga suspects/kriminal pero yung mga pulis pagnamatay sa engkwentro di nalalagay sa dyaryo.. Kawawa rin naman mga pulis

    • starfish

      Has it been proven that Ivan’s family/neighbors, as you said, “shared the fruits of his crimes”? I think it’s terribly unfair to jump to conclusions regarding that.

  • Toro

    Obviously some policemen are in cahoots with the Ivan Padilla gang.





    • BOY

      Mag dasal ka na lang na sana isang araw wag mag cross ang mga landas nyo ng mga taong katulad nila dahil sinisiguro ko sa iyo sa mga PULIS DIN ANG LAPIT MO…….

  • sabrina

    When a criminal like this guy (you seem to feel sorry for than hate) has victimized innocent people through his criminal activities…I DON’T THINK HE DESERVES TO LIVE!!! I wonder if you’d still write the same thing if you became a victim of this guy.

    • gangcentral

      You are right, I wonder if I’d still write the same thing if I was victimized? I don’t think I will, actually. I acknowledge that, Sabrina.

    • byebye

      he didnt kill anyone, he shouldve given a chance to live

    • M

      Sabrina, You’re very narrow minded don’t you think? Do you have a brother? What if that happened to your brother?

      When new broke out of a certain someone-someone and an 11 YR. OLD GIRL did you see him get shot in the head?

      This Ivan kid stole CARS for crying out loud, not lives and the innocence of children. What are your thoughts on that?

      Sure, if some whacked out kid stole my car i’d be angry, but these are material possessions that can be replaced, i’ll just count my blessing and thank god that my life was spared amongst other more important things that could’ve been taken from me.

      You might want to rethink your future opinions.

      How he chose to live and his actions are not excusable, but how OUR police (the ones who take their oath to serve and protect?) deal with individuals and situations like this should very much be questioned as well.

      The kid didn’t deserve to die, that wasn’t the police’s decision or anyone for that matter.

    • RIP

      i just think everyone deserves to live.
      i thought the same before, that these so called criminals don’t have a right to live.
      but he was a good good friend, and suddenly i found myself believing otherwise.

      i firmly believe that every person deserves a chance at life.
      a second, third, more. coz when we think about it, we have our own battles – his was just on a different level. and we always are given chances. how different is this one for him?

  • parasatama

    b, m & tita malou ipagdadasal natin po na sana managot ang mga gumawa nito. kawawa naman buhay pa na na video bglang patay. sana sa mga gumawa nito wag sana na mangyari sainyo to dahil sigurado ako babalik din yan sainyo. ivan may you rest in peace.

  • Adette

    I’m trying to understand as many sides of this story as possible, though I myself have my own opinion on this. Just a disclaimer first: I know M and B personally because they were my schoolmates, but I never really got to talk to them inside or outside of school.

    First off, I think it is unfair to judge the family for the crimes that Ivan may have committed. To those who think that the family has “turned a blind eye” to what he has done, have you ever thought that maybe they did try to stop him but they just couldn’t?

    I don’t think anyone deserves to die like Ivan did, not even the most evil of people. I actually think of that kind of death as a way to escape his obligation of serving his sentence. (But then again, if you believe in heaven and hell that’s a different story altogether.)

    As for the victims, I’d understand if they were happy about the whole situation. But then unless Ivan and/or his alleged gang actually injured and/or killed the owners of the cars they stole, I personally don’t think they have the right to be happy at the expense of the deceased family’s grief. After all, material things are nothing compared to a person’s life.

    • PMJersey

      I agree with you. Don’t blame the family for what the person did.

      I too agree that all the victims are happy cuz if I too is victimized…..

    • starfish

      i went to school with them too. i totally agree that the family shouldn’t be judged. they too are victims of a violent society. let them grieve in peace.

  • cncrnd citizen

    You are right that he does not indeed deserve death right away. But I guess his “cohorts” , “handlers” or “protectors in high places” may have chosen to cut off the loose ends. This should be taken into consideration by the CHR. But also be taken in by the other members of the gang or other gangs, groups or whatevers that they would always be dispensable. Always remember, what you sow, so shall you reap….

  • smoke

    alam nyo kahit mali ang ginawa ni ivan!! my karapatan padin sha bilang tao!!
    lahat tayo my karapatan, cge mali ginawa nya pero tama ba ang ginawa ng police??
    tinakbo ba nila kagad sa ospital??
    kaya nga ginawa tong blog na to para malaman kung anu talaga ang ng yare…

    alam kong mali ginawa nya pero hindi natin pwede isarado na ganun nalang yun dahil mali ginawa nya.

    kung my dapat ma lagot malalagot.

    ivan is dead already, so let us respect his peace

    ivan R.I.P

    to the family Condolence

    to others lets be open minded

    kung my foul play sana lumabas ang katotohanan

  • timmy

    this reminds of a saying “you live by the sword you die by the sword”

    advice to the family
    knowing what happened wont ease the pain, grieve and pray, then get on with your lives

    if you think there had been injustice done, probably yes if you think someone is going to be punished for it probably not, people have little sympathy for rich criminals

    if a police officer had been shot and killed no one would even bat an eyelash, if a common carnapper in cavite was salvaged it would get 5 minutes of airtime, it wouldnt even hit the cable channel 🙂 let alone get a blog 🙂 well forbes, valle verde make it different 🙂
    dont be so naive this kind of thing is so common, happens everytime… its just when it happens to someone of higher stature it becomes a media circus
    its good for the ratings

    and for those who think no one deserves to die not even criminals or really evil people or “the most evil of people” i hope you dont encounter any of them personally in your life time, you might just change your mind 🙂

    my motto is “huwag magsalita ng tapos”


    • gangcentral

      Tama! Kung may oras ka, panoorin mo sana yung documentary ko on criminals who are ‘not from Forbes nor Valle Verde.’ 🙂

      This blog is only called Gang Central because my name is Gang Badoy. We’re Ilonggo so my nickname is ‘Gang’ from the Ilonggo word “pangga.” It is not about gangs or gang-related activities.

      This blog is about media (per se) and media culture in general. (Just making that clear.)

      • timmy

        saw the intro, is there a finished video uploaded somewhere?

        “This blog is only called Gang Central because my name is Gang Badoy. We’re Ilonggo so my nickname is ‘Gang’ from the Ilonggo word “pangga.” It is not about gangs or gang-related activities.”

        this is pretty clear since you have your name at the bottom of the narration 🙂 — my reation was based on the readers comments not from your narration.. it was also based on the observation that criminals of higher stature have friends and relatives who can voice out their sentiments more effectively, as compared to other, lets say “less fortunate” criminals 🙂

    • gangcentral

      Yes! We will be screening around schools. Or I can just send you a DVD copy for free. Email

  • Jimmy White

    ivan deserves his death! let us give justice to all his victims! let us congratulate the police for a job well done!

  • mirror

    Honestly, I don’t feel any sadness/sympathy for criminals when they end up getting killed. On the other hand, I am annoyed when police do not exercise due process. I am more annoyed when media sensationalize the stories.

    But what I most feel is disappointment when people are confused and let their emotions cloud their judgment.

    I just hope that people learn from these events. I also hope that people realize that we need harsher punishments for everyone who chooses to do evil things.

    Hindi ko sinasabi na wala karapatan ang mga kriminal sa tamang proseso ng hustisya pero dapat alam nilang mabigat na kaparusahan ang kapalit ng ginagawa nila.

    Parang sana hindi rin natin kalimutan at limitahan ang ginawa ng grupo ni Padilla. Sana ang mga tao hindi nag-iisip na simpleng karnap lang naman. Wala namang nasaktan pa, wala namang pinapatay. Ako mismo, ayoko naman hintayin na umabot ang gang na ito sa ganoong gawain. Ayoko isipin na kung hindi nabuwag ito, maaring kaibigan, pamilya o kakilala ko ang mabibiktima. At ayokong isipin na sa pagkakataon na yun, hindi lang simpleng karnap lang ang kaya nilang gawin.

    Kung may pagkukulang ang pulisya sa naging paghandle nila sa pag-aresto. Imbestigahan sila.

    Ang importante ay kaligtasan ng buhay ng mga inosenteng tao.

    ON OTHER HAND: I hope police track down the other carnapping syndicates who are more dangerous than this gang.

    • gangcentral

      Tama. I hope they police track down other carnapping syndicates who are more dangerous. (I agree with you completely.)

      • Kabo

        Yeah sana mahuli pa yung iba at sana sa ulo ulit ang tama para deads agad. Panget man pakinggan pero kailangan na pakitaan ng pangil at turuan ng takot ulit ang mga kriminal.

    • BOY


  • john

    tama lang yang ginawa sa kanya!!! lintek na mga carnappers yan!! dapat talaga walang human rights yang mga kriminal na yan!! lintek sa bait ang mga kamang anak kesho kesho pero di mapatino. sows!!

  • michelle

    naisip ko lang, kaya ba wala na tayong death penalty kasi wala na syang silbi? since ang hustisya ngayon eh via shootout na?

    naisip ko rin, pano kung hindi si ivan padilla to? e di nasayang na ang buhay ng isang inosenteng tao.

    napaka walang silbi na ba ng hustisya natin sa pilipinas na mas gusto pa natin mamatay ang isang kriminal sa gitna ng pakikipagbarilan kesa mahuli, mahatulan ng kaso at maikulong? kitang kita ba sa mga reaksyon natin ang kawalan natin ng paniniwala sa hustisya sa pilipinas?

    tama, nasasabi natin to kasi hindi tayo biktima. hindi natin naramdaman ang naramdaman ng mga nabiktima nya. ang dasal ko lang para sa ating lahat na nanghuhusga ng di alam ang buong pangyayari, sana wag rin tayo magkaroon ng mahal sa buhay na kriminal, na mamamatay sa gantong paraan, dahil baka mas masahol pa ang maging reaksyon natin.

  • joseph

    Ganyan ang nangyayari sa mga taong walang magawang mabuti sa kapwa. Sige tularan nyo!! Karma ang tawag jan, di lang cguro carnapping ang ginawa neto kaya ganyan ang karma sa kanya.

    Lahat ng kriminal ay kriminal. Di dapat sila nangugulo sa mga taong namumuhay ng payapa at tahimik.

    Kung ikaw ang nabiktima ng mga to.. kahit bisekleta mo lang ang ninakaw ng mga to.. diba gugustohin mo ring mamatay sila para di na ulit makagawa ng masama sa iba.

  • Poging Carnapper

    I’m really amuzed that people here are all symphatizing with Ivan’s family since he has not been accused to have killed anyone during their criminal operations. Do you people mean, that if any of his group’s victims resist giving in to their demands, these criminals would just stop and go away, letting their supposed victims unharmed?

    Yeah, it’s possible that they haven’t encountered targets who resisted in giving away their cars just like that, but obviously when they engaged into a gun fight with the police, it’s a clear indication that they are willing to take life if the situation calls for it.

  • H

    What irks me from the comments are the “I’m holier than thou” attitude of some. Just because they did wrong doesn’t give others the right to do wrong to them. Everything has due process unfair as it may seem but that differentiates law-abiding men from criminals.

    @sabrina how about someone kill one of your siblings or relatives because they took something from someone. Would you still think that way?

    I am merely a spectator. I have long given up on Philippine journalism and media. They are unethical sensationalists catering to the timid, halfwit minds of the masses.


    “I know it doesn’t sound like a whole lot of people. But when you remember that they’re all preventable deaths, that’s when it hits you so hard how sad it really is.”

  • melinda

    pansin ko lang sa pilipinas
    – people symphatize more w/ criminals than their victims
    – pag may tumawid sa alam namang bawal at nasagasaan, ang may kasalanan, driver
    – may mga mag-‘squat’ sa lupang may nag-mamay-ari, sila pa ang may karapatan
    – pag may napatay ang rebelde na civilian, normal lang. pag sundalo nakapatay sa rebelde, laking issue

    anyway, i do not agree sa pagkamatay ni ivan. but really, di ko talaga ma-gets ang culture natin about these things

    • bambeee

      Sumasang-ayon ako sa sinabi mo.

      Baliktad na talaga ang mundo. kung sino pa ang masama, siya pa ang nakakakuha ng simpatya. tsk!

      Kaya rin tuloy sobrang baba ng morale ng mga kapulisan. Dahil ang napupuna lang natin, ay yung mali nila. Sarado na ang isip natin na kapag pulis, hindi dapat pagkatiwalaan. Na kapag pulis, siguradong kasangkot yan.

      Hindi man lang natin napahalagahan kung gaano kabilis na-resolba ng kapulisan ang issue ng carnapping na ito.

      Kung sa panahon yan ng nakaraang administrasyon, swerte na kung sa loob ng isang taon, magkaroon ng resolusyon ang kaso.

  • baidu

    there is a big reason why Ivan Padilla died in Asphyxia as a result of blunt force to the throat not in gun shot, maybe they don’t want to speak this guy.

    but then he choose this kind of life

  • Kabo

    If may isang bagay na nakakalungkot dito eh ang bangkay ng Ivan padilla na yan eh nakikilala pa. Masaya ako na nabawasan tayo ng isang peste sa Pilipinas.

    Ngayon kung may masasalvage na mga kriminal na big time kumpleto na ang buwan ko. 🙂

    Humanap ka ng kriminal at takpan mo ng Tonight!

  • chip

    quote” Regardless of how Ivan lived – his family has a right to know exactly what happened at his time of death.”


    but when you shoot it out with authorities rest assured that you get you ask for. the best thing to do is to surrender. The Police are also human beings that should be concerned with their lives. once the subject or criminal decides to fight it out, the police have not other recourse but to shoot back. it is stupidity if they will simply let the felon shoot at them and wait till he runs out of bullets in order to take him alive.

    this entry is a like a eulogy that aims to dignify the person in question as “a good son, a loving son, etc. etc.” obviously to gain sympathy.

    for those who praise the person in question as a good person, etc and all those b.s. – what have they done when they have the chance to help him mend his ways? possibly, they have not tried hard enough.

    sa mga batang gang members magbago na kayo bago mahuli ang lahat. may mga sitwasyon na magsisi man ay bale wala na din.

    I fully agree with Poging Carnapper & John.

    • gangcentral

      I apologize if it came out that way but this piece is not a eulogy – it is NOT ABOUT dignifying the bad choices of Padilla, I do not agree with those choices. But it is dignifying the right of his younger sisters to air their side and ask questions. I do not agree with the lifestyle choices or the methods of the deceased but I’d like to respect the request of those he left behind.

      I guess I just wanted to tell you that I agree with you – dapat magbago na yung mga batang nag-a-akala na cool ang maging gangmember o kriminal.

      In fact- if I can go as far – Ivan certainly made choices that led him to be handcuffed in the back of the police car – I think the questions of the sisters really just span from the time he was already subdued and handcuffed (and interviewed) until he was declared DOA an hour after.

      Sana mas madami ang mag agree sa ‘yo na walang mangyayari sa mga illegal na aktibidades. I teach in jail (sa Maximum Security Prison) and I’ve seen the regret of the life-sentence servers. Ang bigat ng pag-si-sisi nila. Kaya yung mga bata dyan na nag babasa nito – DEYN NA.

      -Ms. Gang Badoy

    • Macky Padilla Lizardo

      they never found any bullets fired from Ivan Padilla after the ballistics report came in.. so he never “asked for it”.. the gun found inside his car wasnt even his own.. set up lahat to. foul play.. they wanted to get rid of him for some other reason.. not because of his crimes.. something else goin on here.. God only knows the truth now

  • bryan jimenez

    Serves him right! Criminals dont deserve a second chance! Ivler should have been shot dead also. Fuck all of these gangsters! ang yayabang sa kalsada kala mo kung sino kasi may mga baril. Thanks to the cops who killed this mother fucker sana lahat ng member ng grupong to salvage na!!!

    • Macky Padilla Lizardo

      eh mas masama pa ugali mo kesa sa mga gangsters na to eh.. you should never wish death upon anyone.. even these street thugs they dont wish death upon ppl.. they just do what they do for money..

      goodluck sa judgement day mo pre.. demonyo kang hayup ka

  • bryan jimenez

    and for the people saying that these criminals deserve second chance fuck you! you haven’t been a victim kya nyo nasasabi yan. Just think of me killing your family or stealing all your money would you like to give me a second chance?? Sana ibalik ang death penalty ng matakot na mga tao gumawa ng crimen at the same time mabawasan na ang mga tao sa kulungan! Peace

  • bryan jimenez

    and for those people saying that these criminals deserve a second chance fuck you! you haven’t been a victim kya nyo nasasabi yan. Just think of me killing your family or stealing all your money that you’ve worked hard for would you like to give me a second chance?? Sana ibalik ang death penalty ng matakot na mga tao gumawa ng crimen at the same time mabawasan na ang mga tao sa kulungan! Peace

    • Macky Padilla Lizardo

      fuck you bryan.. everyone needs a second chance.. and Ivan hasnt fckin killed anyone ok.. u fuckin douchebag.. theres a thick boundary line between a fucking murderer and someone who steals cars for money… wag kang magpapakita sakin… coz there wont be a second chance for you you fuck

  • Kazuya Mishima

    ang masasabe ko lang sana mging kasing higpit ang batas dito sa pilipinas tulad sa saudi or sana magkaruon ng president na yung tipong mabangis malupit.. yung tipong kakatakutan mo na hindi ka makakagawa ng mga ganyang kaso..kasi yung mga ganyang tao nawiwili sila eh tapos magsisisi cla sa huli.. kaso ngawa na ehh for what pah..alam na ngang mali inuulit pah..kya sana higpitan nila yung batas dito sa pilipinas ng sa gnun eh magisip isip sila yang mga future carnappers or holdapers etc . kaya ako sang ayon ako kay ilonngo..kya kung gusto nila puksain ang mga criminal d2 sa bansa abay higpitan pa nila yung parusa ng sa gnun eh ng sa gnun di na nila kelangan depensahan sarili nila pag napatunayan na nagkasala sila..dapat dyan lethal injection eh…kung may kamag anak man ako na ganyan well cguro malulunkot talaga ako pero kasalanan nya eh kung alam nyang nasa matuwid sya hindi mangyayari sa knya yan…panu kung si ivler ang nabiktima nya… malamang sya pa dumale dun…kaya di ko rin masisi mga pulis…kasi dalikado yung pinasok nyang yun ehh.. anytime pwedeng bawian sya kahit sino lalo na mga vigilante ngayon…

  • euro

    You guys are over reacting. This stuff is normal in Davao.

  • higantesiiiempire

    fck ths.. tama na makita ng ibang masasamang tao na ganun mangyayari sa knla kapag lumaban sila at gumawa sila ng mga ganyan bagay…im not sayin na tama din ang mga police na lagay din nila ang batas sa ganun paraan.parehas may mali, kung hindi kikilos ang mga pulis eh di lalong ngan dumami ang mga gago sa kalye… hindi reason na ganun lang ang buhay, kung wla kang trabaho hindi ibig sabhin puede kna gumawa ng mga kalokohan..madaming paraan, at hindi rin reason ang kahirapan. siguro mabait nga si ivan sa ibang tao, sa mga kadikit nya..pero hndi siguro reason un pra un mga taong naghihirap makabili ng sasakyan eh nanakawan nya.. hndi rin makatarungan un para sa mga nagtratrabaho ng matino na manakawan sila, sana ilagay nyo na lng sa tahimik si ivan at ang mga police / media dto..tapos na ngyari na ang lahat at wala ng mababalik pa, rule of life “kapag gumawa ka ng masama sa ibang tao, asahan mo masama din ang mangyayari sayo / samething din sa kabutihan” sana na lang meron mga matuto sa mga gantong pagkakataon.. ang buhay ay madali lang kung lulugar ka lang ng tama. rest in peace ivan padilla! thank you!

    • Macky Padilla Lizardo

      are you saying Ivan deserved what happened to him? eh gago ka pala eh..

      bat di na lang sya ikulong para may chance na mag bago.. tangina mo

  • toni

    My heart aches as I was reading this. I do not personally know Ivan, but I knew her sisters when I was in grade school. I knew just now that they were related. I remember watching the news last year and being satisfied with his death. I feel a little guilty for feeling that way, but I guess it was a natural reaction when a criminal gets killed.

    I haven’t had contact with M and B ever since I transferred schools that time. But they’re really nice girls, and I symphatize with them. I don’t think that they still remember me, but I pray for their family.

    Knowing that Ivan is their brother came as a shock to me. They’re well-off. I just didn’t expect this.

  • Macky Padilla Lizardo

    i appreciate you writing this piece.. i was very close to ivan.. he was my closest cousin.. Im looking out for B and M now.. ill be their kuya for him..

    Ivan was exactly a product of his environment.. And he was a good man.. had a good heart.. doesnt matter if he does stupid shit here n there.. legal or illegal it doesnt matter… it doesnt mean he’s a bad guy coz of what he does for a living. he needed to support himself and his family.. those pigs in blue should have atleast put him in front of a judge.. Coz everyone deserves a chance to change for the better.

    If you ask me who i think is the real bad guy? its the corrupt cops who took this matter into their own hands… Only God makes that decision.. not you idiots….

  • ChikotheMan

    It so sad that He ended this way.. It is true that he made a bad choices in life.. But He is also had the right to live and changed that our government failed to give him our basic needs .. Sa tingin nyo BA kung maayos ang ating sistema.. Magiging ganito c Mr. Ivan Padilla .. Kung may maayos na trabaho at pagkain na Mai uuwi Para sa pamilya na nagugutom .. Sapat na gastos sa mga pang araw araw na pangangailangan Para bumuhay Ng maayos na pamilya.. Mangyayari kaya ito. Tunay na sya ay nagkasala perl wag naman tayo kadali humusga sa kapwa. Di ko sya kilala Di ko sya kamag anak o Kaibigan pero naniniwala ako .. Katulad Ng iba .. Biktima din sya Ng kurap na gobyerno at maling sistema .. May mga matataas na protektor sa itaas nyan .. Karamihan may mga katungkulan sa mataas na kapulisan at gobyerno. Kawawa naman Kasi Yung mga tuwid na pulis at ibang kawani Ng gobyerno na nag lalayon na ituwid Yung mga masasamang hanay sa kanila .. Laging nakakalusot.. Kasi patay na Yung mag sasalita.. Sa pilipinas pag wala Kang trabaho .. Wala Kang pera .. Kawawa ka .. Magugutom ka …at kung pamilyado ka .. Gutom din sila .. Ayaw mo mang gawin .. Magnanakaw ka.. Mamemeste ka Ng ibang tao at pag minalas pa Baka makapatay kapa.. Huli na pag sisisi .. Dasal mo patawarin ka Ng Diyos at kung tagos sa puso mo .. Dalangin mo din patawarin ka Ng pamilya Ng napeste mo o napatay mo. Everyone was given a choice no matter what .. diba? Mabagal man ang justice system Ng pilipinas.. But we had the right to be trial’.. Palamunin man sila sa kulungan dahil karamihan sa mga bilango .. Gobyerno din ang may pag kukulang. Sobrang Dami Ng criminal na sa atin .. Not by choice kase its a must!!!.. Peste diba?

  • no bullshit

    He chose that kind of life, don’t even dare say that he/they did not kill anyone, akala niyo ba pag nag resist yung mga victim ng mga yan papabayaan lang nila? no harm done? MGA ULOL! May choice ka sa mundong ito.. Madami siya options.. and he chose the easier way.. Porket may baril ka puwede ka na manguha ng hindi sayo? I am a victim of carnapping as well, I hope hindi niyo maramdaman ung pakiramdam na nakatutok sayo ung baril.. inaalala mo ung pinaghirapan mong kotse oh ang maalila ang mga mahal mo sa buhay! UULITIN KO.. WAG NIYO SASABIHIN NA HINDI SILA PUMATAY.. DAHIL PAPATAY ANG MGA YAN PAG HINDI NABIGAY ANG GUSTO NILA! Wala ako simpatya sa mga kagaya niya.. HE HAD A CHOICE.. I HAD MINE.. I CHOSE MY LIFE..


    Thank you for any other informative site. Where else may I am getting that kind of information written in such a
    perfect means? I have a venture that I’m simply now running on, and I’ve been on the glance out for such info.

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