Rock Ed Relief

Rock Ed Expansion: under new management.

Note: For those who are unaware, Rock Ed is a ten-year series of projects that commenced in 2005 and will end in 2015.

When film maker Pepe Diokno takes over the reigns of Rock Ed’s last five years, I will focus more on taking Rock Ed’s Year 1 to 5 projects to the provinces.   This only means if we get two invitations on the same day or time – one from NCR and one from a province, we will prioritize the invitation from the province.  That’s all.

Rock Ed “as you know it” will still be run by the same group -and the existing projects will stay put.   The projects are as follows:

BOOKBIGAYAN – a perpetual bookdrive
ROCK THE REHAS – projects involving classes and concerts inside jails & detention centers, now expanding to paralegal services
ROCKBAKUNA – a series of events that raise funds for flu vaccines for school children
ROCK ED RADIO – a weekly radio show that serves as an alternative social studies class on FM
ROCKERPARK – a sporting event run by rock musicians where the goal is to collect used/new sports equipment for public school PE Depts.
FRESH TAKE – a project providing free graduation photos for graduating seniors from public schools.
CODE RADIO – a collaboration agreement among five FM radio stations to cooperate during disasters, elections or emergency situations.
IBANG KLASE – alternative classes held in barangays – craft, skills, livelihood instruction, small business possibilities etc.

Introducing our latest project, yet to be launched:

ROCKMALINAW – a project that gathers volunteers to learn how to conduct vision tests in public schools so we can refer students who need eyeglasses to the nearest health center.  In conjunction with this, this is also an eyeglass drive.   *Launching July 2010!*

RETHINK MEDIA GROUP – a group of media practitioners providing alternative sources of news and opinion -under this is Rock Ed Radio on NU107 and Rock Ed’s online presence.  (project websites, Twitter accounts etc)

THE DEAR NOYNOY PROJECT- is website that receives letters private citizens would like to be sent to the incoming President of the Philippines.  We have made arrangements (albeit still informal as of June 20, 2010) with the Spokesman of Pres.Elect Aquino, Edwin Lacierda to figure out the best receiving body for these individual letters.   We hope you support this 6-year endeavour.   It is a wonderful opportunity to flex that democratic muscle that has been cramping for so long.  A duly-elected President deserves this respectful interaction – something we couldn’t quite work on for a while now -what with all the unanswered questions regarding the 2004 polls.   We do this project now – because we can and because this discourse is deserved.

FUTKAL – an independent project run by the Futkal Group that teaches football to street children and in barangays, Rock Ed is a full supporter of this initiative.

TECH TANOD – a partnership with the Philippine Blog Awards Group wherein we conduct disaster preparedness workshops for teenagers who are neighbors to prepare them for a concerted effort during a disaster.  Groups are taught to blog and optimize information from the internet to stay connected and to share information regarding their area and their area’s response during a calamity or a disaster.

Alongside this – Mr. Diokno will expand Rock Ed in the realm of film and online media.  Rock Ed 2010-2015 is internally referred to as the “Rock Ed Expansion” – which he runs, and Rock Ed Year 1 to 5 (2005-2010) will be referred to as “Rock Ed Basic.”

I run Rock Ed Basic, Pepe is the expansion.

Change is certainly a relief!

It’s in the air, I feel it and I am so proud.

Ms. Gang Badoy
Founding Director
Rock Ed Philippines
Rethink Media Group


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2 responses to “Rock Ed Relief

  • notty279

    goodluck to rockedxp! i wish i could be one of your active disciples. where do i sign up?

  • jonalyn naval

    dear noynoy, sna puh mgawan nyu ng paraan ang HERERA LAW o ung law abt s CONTRACTUALIZATION co’z it kills our economy… isang halimbawa puh nun ay ang pgkawalan ng trabaho ang mga pilipino dhil puh tinatamad cla n mghanap dhil kung mgkatrabaho man cla eh after 5 months ay ala nanaman….. kya sana puh gumawa puh kau ng ANTI-HERERA LAW o ANTI-CONTRACTUALIZATION LAW…. cge n puh….

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