labels and verbs

Rock Ed Delivers

The Principal asked me about “my charity work” and I said “Oh, I don’t do charity work” – she said, “What do you call what you do then?” (by now I’m wondering why I’m uncomfortable with the word ‘charity,’ is it because I deem it patronizing or because I’d consider it ‘charity’ if it were my resources only?) My job? Hm.  I encourage, collect & deliver other people’s charity, I guess.

I think what I really wanted to say was “citizenship” ~but even that sounded like a high horse thing to say. I really should shrug off the idea that big words are disingenuous because sometimes they aren’t – really.

So I decided I hate labels and I’ll just call it ‘Rock Ed.’ A verb meaning ‘to create something so rockin’ that we are able to share resources & smarts with Filipinos who don’t have as much access to both.’

This is my dream and I’m very grateful to many that it is also, actually, my life’s work.

Maraming salamat sa lahat ng tumutulong sa Rock Ed Philippines. Maunahan ko na kayong bumati ng maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan!

-Gang Badoy
8 June 2010
Nueva Vizcaya

To donate school supplies, books, used computers, art materials, pad paper etc to Rock Ed’s year-round BOOKBIGAYAN, email  We coordinate pick ups or drop offs near UP Diliman-AdMU-Miriam. We store and sort, then deliver to further flung public schools.  Thank you very much!


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