rinse and repeat

Malaya, 25 Feb 1986

A few Christmases ago, Lourd gave me this old copy of Malaya dated Feb 25, 1986.  I even joked – “Tapos biglang nag repeat ng headline o, hahaha naging presidente si Noynoy…”

At that time it was a joke, of course – almost unthinkable given the Senator had never reared his head on or for the top-spot race.  (this was 2008)

It is inevitable that we will be getting the same headline soon, 2010.

For many it is hope-giving, for others it’s a stability death knell.  For me, it’s a lesson in history.

We’re given a chance to merely repeat or to level up.

If by continuing our projects in Rock Ed we contribute to some semblance of ‘level up’ – then we shall double our efforts in the remaining five years of Rock Ed.

The last six years were spent not collaborating with the administration and mumbling, “…but did you really have a mandate?  Hello? Garci?”   — Now that we have a wide margin ( acknowledging still the minority who cry fraud ha) then we have a chance to say, “You are duly elected, I may or may not have voted for you -but here we are so we shall try.”

The claptrap is (allegedly) about politics anyway.  And politics is one of fastest agents of change in the country.  Therefore, let’s go get that change we’ve been talking about this whole time.

History repeating itself is not ‘history’ repeating itself — it is merely a manifestation of us never addressing our weak habits.

Welcome to Rock Ed v. 2, the last five years. /  A re-focus on History, Science and the Judiciary, moving into the world of film and new media.


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