gimme five

As an homage to Rock Ed volunteer #.05 – this is Reg Hernandez. He was there when I remotely FIRST thought of starting something called Rock Ed and it was in that very place. The now defunct Oarhouse. This photo was taken 5 years ago – and July 1, 2010 is our 5th anniversary. We’re down to our last five years of existence. We will never have numbers on a graph or a chart, we cannot submit an Excel file that says X-number of Filipino teen-agers are more nation-involved because of us. But I do consider the recent youth participation in the polls as our partial first harvest.

I believe in the inexact yet palpable thing called ‘zeitgeist.”  That is more valuable to me.  That ‘feel’ is more precious than an exact number.

Thank you to everyone who took part in ANY Rock Ed event, project, or endeavor. Thank you for every single book, computer, basketball, peso, minute, blog entry, tweet, SMS, thought, prayer, criticism even shunning donated to the movement.

This group, movement, legal entity, NOW verb called ROCK ED is proud of everyone who tried to give back to the country through whatever shape or form and in whatever magnitude.

Have you Rock Edded yet? Join us. We have five more years left to exist.

Again, thank you at mabuhay ang Pilipinong sumasali sa kahit ano. Mabuhay ang Pilipinong bumangon mula sa sopa nung kailangan na. Mabuhay ang Pilipinong kayang buhatin ang kanyang sariling pwet. Mabuhay ang Pilipinong konti lang ang bullshet.

This is also a tribute to five young photographers who supported Rock Ed during its infantile months, I must admit – they made me braver. Jake Verzosa, Paolo Picones, Veejay Villafranca, Bahag de Guzman and Tammy David.

Salamat ulit,  Reg.  Gimme five.

-Gang Badoy, Founder, Rock Ed Philippines. June 1 2010

photo copyright Ninfa Bito 2005.


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