rethinking naivete


I was having a long conversation with a good friend of mine who openly campaigned for Gilbert Teodoro.    She and I agreed that if you didn’t want Sen Aquino for President, well and good.  If you did – well and good-plus-plus.  If you voted Aquino, then all will expect you to participate, help and support institutions under his administration.   Like she says, “Binoto niyo sya, trabaho kayo, boy.” But the same goes for the many who did not vote for him.

Here’s a summary of our 3am conversation:

We agreed that we should subject this incoming administration to tremendous scrutiny – hold them to their word.  The LP banner was anti-corruption, no theft in government, no pilfering of public funds – then we expect those promises kept.  Deal.   If we see otherwise — we holler!  One thing we cannot do is to wish this administration ill.  Moreso, we CANNOT sabotage it with our non-participation, unnecessary nitpicking or by direct throwing of negative grenades.  No elaborate set-ups for its failure.  None of that.  This is no longer about ‘another campaign camp’ – we are now talking country.  You sabotage him, you sabotage all of us.  Well, essentially.  (but what do we insomniacs know?)

Anyway –

I know that there are many collectives who are bracing for the choral recitation of  snarky “I-told-you-so’s” …and I can imagine the glee of saying, (should things go all awry) “Don’t blame me, I did not vote Aquino.”   But is it worth it? Masyadong mataas ang presyo kung hindi maging maayos ang susunod na anim na taon. It’s too early in the game for pessimism.  I think our country can no longer survive any more theft or any more f*ck-ups.   Either we plug the hole of the boat to keep it from sinking (that’s  minimum!) – THEN gun for some movement once the hole in the boat is plugged.  (gratis to Pepe Diokno for that analogy)

I did not campaign for Aquino.  I am not an LP supporter.  I have my misgivings, I have my doubts about the solidity of the party – as proven by this NoyMar – NoyBi spectacular group chasm.  I can only imagine the horrid undercurrents of that split.  But starting June 30th – I should no longer see Sen Aquino as the LP standard-bearer.  He ceases to be that and begins to be the President of my country.  Whether I deem this reality fortunate or not – that is that.

I think the opportunity to say, “I told you so,” (while possibly enjoyable to the petty & the vengeful) – is not worth the progress of an entire nation.  Let that not be our goal.  The success of the Aquino administration, while nauseating for many,  is going to be the success of those who need good government services the most.  This is no longer about Sen Aquino, I guess.  This is really about the marginalized. Not the well-off intellectuals who heckle so intelligently from the comforts of their iPads.  If we sabotage the incoming administration, services will not be extended to those who have less chances for good education, health services, homes, chances for livelihood, farmers, the labor force et al.

I’d hate to see the next six years as mere extension of the campaign period. All talk and posters, anonymous sources, fake documents and glib gab.  Stop.    Kampi-kampi na dapat tayo by now.  Mahirap pero ito ang hinihingi ng Inang Bayan.  Matagal na rin natin siyang na-hindi-an. We don’t have to thrill at the idea of Sen Aquino as President, that may be unrealistic for many – but we just have to work and function as productively as we can under that umbrella truth.

All detractors and non-supporters of this incoming administration are caught in a very interesting bind – all hope/not hope to be proven WRONG.  To be proven right, in this case, will be disastrous for everyone, especially the marginalized.  Not worth it.

After June 30 – as hard is this may be to swallow  – we are essentially all on the same ‘campaign’ team as Sen Aquino.  Palace protocol says we stand up when the ‘Head of State’ enters the room – whether we like him or not.  And as citizens who want a better nation, we shall do that.

We know that we will suffer the burden of Sen Aquino’s possible crucial mistakes but we shall also share the progress of good decisions he will (also, possibly) make.  I have decided to see it that way.   Naive, I know – but today is a Sunday, and Sundays are for dreaming.

So my friend and I will either pick up a tool and start working,  or we can pick a spot in the shade and cheer or jeer.   Sen Aquino will be the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines – that is that.  Where will YOU be in the scheme of the next six years?

Here we are, so there we go.

Gang Badoy
24 May 2010
215am. Pasig City

*The Rethink Media Group is a group of media practitioners within Rock Ed Philippines focused on being an alternative source of media.  It is comprised of supporters from almost all the Presidential campaign teams in the previous elections.  Under this project is the online presence of Rock Ed, the project team in charge of and Rock Ed Radio on NU107 FM.


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6 responses to “rethinking naivete

  • Cory Sesdoyro

    You are right on a lot of points. Aquino is very lucky if all Filipinos thought this way. I am a Gibo supporter and believe in his platform which includes among others, uniting the people towards common goals. I just hope this would not encourage politicians in the future to cheat in the elections thinking that all they have to do is ensure their own victory through the ballot by all means. After that, “as citizens who want a better nation”, the people will “stand up when the ‘Head of State’ enters the room – whether we like him or not”. . . .

  • Katrina

    I’ll repost this, Gang, okay? You’ve said what I’ve been thinking since before the elections.

  • iceley11

    nicely said.
    I agree with a lot of things
    Shame that not all Filipinos think this way though. There are those who already wish to see the fall of Senator Aquino even before the start of his administration. Well, they are there for a reason. Needless to say, it seems that the Aquino administration will be put under much scrutiny and will not be forgiven for any sort of mistake.

  • the Philippine Daily Idiot

    Perfect. I’m tired of these bitter fair-weather patriots. To be Filipino goes beyond voting.

    It’s sad that most of these bitter Pinoys wish the prez-elect bad luck so that in the end, they will be able to say, See I told you so.

    They so cherish the vote, but at the same time, suck in other aspects of citizenship and nation-building.

  • June-Marie

    These are the very same traditional politicians that have been elected back into office. The clamor for “change” is but a pipe dream and the insanity is most likely to continue. BUT . . . with that being said, I absolutely don’t want him to fail. I hope he proves me and everyone else wrong and shows himself to be a man that will rise above everyone’s medium to low expectations of him by being able to stand up to his very powerful and influential relatives, fulfill his campaign promise to rid our government of system-wide corruption and give the farmers what has been promised to them. It is our responsibility as good citizens to hold our elected officials to their word and hold their feet to the fire. We can’t afford to have him fail because that will mean that we as a country have once again failed.

  • Estrellita Belarmino

    the best thing everyone could do is stop speculating and start thinking as one nation because his fall is the fall of all Filipinos. I’m not his supporter either, but, as a citizen… we should hope for the best and do our responsibilities as a Filipino, support every program worth supporting. We can’t just sit down and criticize, why not stand up and do something to contribute for the good of everyone? Let’s say… be an entrepreneur and help those jobless have a job… that way you’ve helped building a progressive nation in your own little way…

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