As our policy, Rock Ed Radio has never uploaded past episodes on the net. We own the copyright of all recordings of all our episodes.

We do not appreciate it when our hosts or guests are misquoted and we archive recordings for our legal protection.

Any verbal misattribution (due to malice, faulty recalling or clouded memory) assigned to me, Senator Gordon, Mr. Lourd de Veyra and Mr. Erwin Romulo, written in jest or in a sober manner will be reviewed in case any legal response is necessary. I cannot say this enough – we have the full recording as proof so all loose misquotes should stop.

While we understand that our episode last Thursday April 29 was of interest to many- we have decided not to change our standard operating procedure despite many requests for us to upload the recording on the worldwide web.

We have extended due courtesy to our guest and his official campaign team after the interview. We have also extended due reprimands internally and the result comes in the form of an agreement that this April 29th episode will be treated the same way we treat all the episodes we’ve had since 2007.

While this can be misconstrued as censorship let it be known that it is not.  This is mere S.O.P – that we have never officially uploaded any Rock Ed Radio episode before and we find no need to make an exception now.

That being said – let this matter rest.
Ms. Gang T. Badoy
Executive Director
Rock Ed Philippines

Rock Ed Radio is a project of the Rethink Media Group of Rock Ed Phils aired through the generosity of NU107.


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