Gratis 1986

That's me fourth from left (with my brothers and neighbors) leaning on the side of the vegetable delivery truck of one of our neighbors.

There are many theories on the success or failure of the EDSA revolution.

Whatever the theories are- my being there as a teen-ager certainly formed me.  Most of the better decisions I’ve made in my life regarding duty to country can be attributed to the fact that I was there.  It was then that I realized that  I was part of something bigger.

It was my first ‘nation moment.’

I acknowledge that the rust on those precious metal days are now showing, cracking… but February 1986  forever changed the way I saw myself in the context of my duty to country.

My (then) teen-aged mind kept thinking, THIS IS MY COUNTRY therefore THIS IS MY BUSINESS.  How could I not?

Since then I have decided to show up whenever I think I can best help and offer everything I can possibly give to make the Philippines a little better than it was the day before.

There will always be a few moments in ones life where character is changed permanently, for me it was during those four days of EDSA 1986.

I am grateful.

-Gang Badoy
Rock Ed Philippines
28 Feb 2010

photo by Tessa Punzalan (also my neighbor)


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