big bands for the big boys

a band of political colors

I just watched the Rivermaya video for Gilbert Teodoro’s campaign and I found myself thinking of their fans.  Both Rivermaya and Gilbert Teodoro’s camp have been known to gather spirited people, by that I mean, people who root and scratch in support of them.  Perhaps it is just the way they are or the situations they find themselves in that tends to summon the rabid ones.  In any case, they have bona fide followers.  The term ‘fans’ is not used loosely here, they are exactly that.

I know the four gentlemen of ‘Maya and I know them to be decisive and firm when it comes to their decisions.  I feel the sincerity and the fire of their words when they declare that Gibo is their vote.  They’re solid and I know it and admire that about them especially since I have not decided who to vote for -yet.

Now, most Presidential candidates inspire a fierce following too, the Yo!Noy! group, the Orangeneration of Manny Villar, etc etc. – naturally this brings me to the question – how does it feel to be a Rivermaya fan who is not for Teodoro?

The past few months have found me in conversations with musician friends of mine and the question is always this, “Will your band play for a candidate for the honorarium or will your band only play for a candidate you truly madly and deeply support?”   Many of them will just decline offers because of the assumption of the latter and the reality that they have not chosen their President yet.  For the ones I’ve talked to at least – it has never been about the talent fee.  Check out the integrity badge on these babies.  Why even Radioactive Sago Project, a band acceptably incapable of raking in the big bucks (not because the band is not excellent because they are) has been picky when it comes to the endorsement question.  Money fanned by face or not.  I think it is because the band members are undecided on who to vote for – full stop.

Someone recently asked me what I thought of Gloc 9 singing Bro. Eddie Villanueva’s campaign jingle.  I said that ad was well made, too.  He probed further and asked me if I thought Bro. Eddie was really Gloc 9’s vote.  I said I have never met the guy (Gloc9, but I’ve met Bro. Eddie) but my impression is that he’s a straight up one and therefore if he performed the “Eddie Ako” piece then Eddie siyang talaga. Ever since the last election season I’ve always been on the look out for which band will sing whose song.  I suppose it is a recognition of the power of the music and image of  a band and the possible sway they hold over the young ones who vote.  I like accepting that reality and again -what a cliche to discuss the power of this medium called music -for that is exactly the crux of Rock Ed’s methods of advocating civic participation among the young.

I guess my question is this:  do you drop the fanhood or do you start to consider the candidate they push?

Or perhaps they are two different muscles.

What do you think?   (Please post here so we can read your answers on-air this Thursday on Rock Ed Radio)


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3 responses to “big bands for the big boys

  • Plsburydoughboy

    I think it’s fair to say that if you’re old enough to vote, the band you’re listening may influence but won’t control your decision. In spite of abounding cynicism, now more than ever there seems to be an urgency about picking the right one for the job. People won’t be flocking like geese to popular candidates, they will be careful in choosing who to vote. After all, all the celebrity endorsements in the world didn’t save Villar from his C-5 scandal.

  • joyagustin/siyetehan

    first, let me just commend rivermaya (and the composer) for the very nice song/commercial for gibo. in fairness, the tune, the lyrics, and the shots are well coordinated.

    my answer to your question:

    the intelligent voter will define it as two entirely separate issues. our choice of voting preference should not be based on the beauty of his/her commercials and as to who his/her endorsers are, but rather on his/her competence and credibility for the position that he/she is running for.

    yes, we all love dolphy. but does that follow that we’ll vote for villar?

  • Marie Laveda

    …click link to poster……. read bands that played for youth for noy launch………….. only 2 months ago….

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