regarding hate mail

Unfortunately, Gibo's team cancelled on Rock Ed Radio due to a schedule mix-up.

Got more hate mail today from Gibo fans. I love how Julie said it was unprofessional of me to complain via Twitter because Gilbert Teodoro didn’t show up despite repeat confirmations. Wait wait wait – it was unprofessional of ME to complain about someone else’s (team’s) unprofessionalism? Really.

A certain Gabby unfollowed me on Twitter and publicly announced it because she was offended that I said “The next Presidential candidate who guests here will certainly have first dibs on picking on Gibo for not showing up on this show. Haha.” She took it as me encouraging people to pick on her candidate. A total misinterpretation of my tweet, of course. It was just a mere narration of a possible unfortunate (for and caused by Gibo’s team) situation. But I love that demonstration of fierce loyalty of the Gibofandom! I envy it, in fact because I don’t feel as strongly for any of the candidates. I tweeted her back and told her how much I appreciated her feeling so strongly about her candidate. I am sure Gibo is her personal choice and not merely an inherited one. Despite.

Then a certain Brian said “It’s not classy to complain about someone who chose to flake on your show.” – oh sweetheart, wait – let’s not talk about ‘class acts’ tonight, not when I got the ace on this deal and the word “flake” is on his dealt hand. I need to explain that Rock Ed Radio is (after all) a show and I am bound by my responsibility to be accountable for whatever I’ve broadcasted. Since I aggressively promoted this episode, it is my duty to our team’s credibility to ‘just-as-aggressively’ explain why we weren’t able to keep our word. And you know why.

I am not anti-Gibo, truth is I don’t have a vote yet. I really prepared for that interview – I researched through court sources on his work as a lawyer for the case of Eduardo Cojuangco vs coconut farmers (yes, that Coco Levy case), I read about his work as Konsehal, as a Representative of the surrounding district of Hacienda Luisita, asked some of my relatives from Mindanao about his work with the DND and the Maguindanao situation, talked to people I know from the NDCC, emailed a couple of people who I thought went to Harvard around the same time he was there – PLUS I aggressively promoted his episode online. I thought that was a generous offering of valid air time to a candidate because he is -after all – vying for votes.

I was looking forward to talking to your man, (we’ve met before) I’m open even to be convinced – I still am.

Rock Ed Radio lost an interview that’s true – but we’re not the ones who need airtime and we’re not the ones who need votes. Both parties have cut the losses. Instead of writing to each of you via email, I decided to just post this and carry on. Perhaps re-schedule his guesting if his team still finds time and if we still have a vacant Thursday night what with the elections 99 days away.

And please, Armand, next time you send me hate mail – at least impress me with a better argument than “Too bad for you he think Studio 23 is better to go to than Jam 88.3!!!!” Aside from that faulty subject-verb agreement deal you got going there, we air our shows on NU107 now.

We moved back to NU right after the twin typhoons of 2009.

One of you (Teri) reasoned that Gibo is in demand and understandably very busy. Okay I understand, I know what days with 8 speaking engagements feel like, too. I just thought since he’s a candidate for this land’s top spot, his team would be more careful and he’d be more – I don’t know – more ‘showing up?” It’s still the campaign time, the season when the best best best best best foot is forward. Makes one wonder what it may be like when he no longer needs to woo.

Last – someone tweeted, this isn’t directly an email for me, it was a Tweet addressing Rock Ed Radio so I’m not obliged to name her —- I’ll just quote — “too bad for @rockedradio coz Gibo stood up..oh.. i mean cancelled his appointment wd dem. tsk, better luck nxt tym.. if der will be..” You know, it didn’t use to require luck for us to have guests show up. It used to just take a proper invitation, a yes, and both parties keeping their word. Thanks for that tweet though, it sounded hopeful.

Look, I am disappointed too, obviously. I do hope there’s a chance to reschedule this episode. I’d like to interview him. I’ve seen him in action, Gibo gives good interviews -at least when he shows up.

I’ll wait. Maybe they’ll send word again soon.

I’m not going to apologize for this post, I’m the one who had to hold up a 2-hour live show that lost a guest a mere few hours before air-time. This is not a potshot, this is a reply to badly written hate emails. If this sounds like bashing to you, I’ll be clear now – it isn’t. Because if and when I bash – you will know.


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